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Features of GO Creative website packages

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When it comes to your website, there’s more to it than meets the eye. While the design is very important, we take the time to ensure your website is also fast, secure, mobile-friendly, and easily found in search engines like Google.

It’s our extra attention to detail which will make a genuine difference to your business, helping you stand out among your competitors and generate more sales.

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Find out what’s included when you upgrade your website to include extra features. (Coming soon)


Your new website will deliver a strong return on investment.

All websites are designed and customised to your requirements. We take the time to understand your needs so that we can give you the right advice, and create a website which helps your business to grow.

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Free consultation

We’ll have a chat about your business, goals, and what you’re looking for with your website.
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Payment plans

We make it easier on your cashflow by offering 12 month payment plans on most of our website packages.
You must host your website with us for the duration of your payment plan.

30 day warranty

If you find any bugs or issues with your website within 30 days from launch, we’ll fix them free of charge.

Upgrade any time

You can upgrade your website to include an online store, online bookings, memberships, event calendars, and more!
Additional fees apply.


Your website will be custom designed to your requirements.

We don’t use templates or off-the-shelf designs. We’ll collaborate with you to come up with a design that truly reflects your business, including full customisation of colours, fonts, layouts, and a version for phones and tablets.

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Fully customised

We’ll start from scratch to create a professional and unique design that you’ll love.

Live design feedback

During development, provide your feedback directly on the website, so you can see exactly how it looks and functions.
Revision time varies between packages.


Your website will look great on every device: desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

Stock photos

If you don’t have enough suitable photos, we’ll supply hand-picked stock photos to plug the gaps.
Number of images varies between packages.


Your content is fully editable, so it can evolve with your business.

We’ll collect your content from you, add it to the website, and format it for design and readability purposes.

The amount of content we insert for you varies with each website package, but if you have more pages, you can add them yourself or we can quote on doing it for you.

No limitations

Update just about anything! Create as many pages, blog posts, or other content items as you need.

Easy online editor

Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly and easily change the design and content of any page.

Endless possibilities

Our software makes it easy to insert maps, photos, videos, testimonials, social media links, and more!

Copywriting available

Not sure what to write? Our writers can convert your notes into full pages of high quality content.
Additional fees apply.


Your website makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch.

Every lead is tracked in your Google Analytics account, making it easy for you to measure your return on investment from the website and any other marketing activities.

Tap to call

Mobile phone users can tap your number to call you instantly, ensuring you never a miss a lead.

Contact form

A fully editable contact form comes as standard. Every enquiry is emailed to you, and saved in the website back-end.

Add more forms

You can create unlimited extra forms for quotes, landing pages, support, or anything else you can dream up.

Tracking and statistics

We set up Google Analytics to track everything that happens on your website, giving you powerful insights into your business.


Leading security software for your peace of mind.

We include leading security software to help mitigate the risk of online threats from hackers, and keep you and your customers’ data safe.

Free SSL security

We’ll set up a free SSL certificate (HTTPS), which keeps you and your visitors’ personal data safe on the website.
Available only with hosting providers, like us, who support free SSL.

Leading software

We’ll supply leading security software to reduce the threat from hackers and viruses.

Audit logging

All suspicious activity is logged in the website to help investigate the source of any breaches.

Security monitoring

If you’re looking for proactive security scans and cleaning up any threats, we offer a range of affordable website support plans.
Additional fees apply.


When it comes to website optimisation, every second counts!

Our team makes every possible effort to improve the speed of your website, because we know that even a one-second delay can cost you visitors, and ultimately, sales.

Built for speed

We follow industry best practices, instead of taking shortcuts by loading up your website with unnecessary software.

File compression

All pages, images, and other files on your website are automatically compressed, drastically improving load time.

Performance monitoring

If you’re looking for proactive performance scans and continual improvements, we offer a range of affordable website support plans.
Additional fees apply.


Get industry leading software for free!

Every website we create includes a range of software packages, known as “plugins”, which improves your website optimisation & features.

Software included free!

To standardise and simplify our website packages, we cover the cost of the following software for you*:

  • For design: Elementor (theme)
  • For speed: WP Hummingbird Pro, WP Smush Pro
  • For security: WP Defender Pro
  • For forms: Gravity Forms (and all add-ons by this developer)
  • For customisation: Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • For tutorials: WPMU DEV Videos

When we quote on your website project, we’ll let you know if there are any extra software purchases needed, including the up front and ongoing costs. If you go ahead with the project, we’ll give you instructions on how to purchase and send us a copy of the software, which we’ll then set up in your website for you.

We may charge additional fees to carry out the implementation for you — but again, we’ll let you know up front if this is the case.

If you cancel the website support service we provide after your website is published, we’ll remove our licences, but you can buy your own or downgrade to the free version.


With our professional support, you’ll never be left in the lurch.

Our local team of website specialists is on hand to guide you through your project, from setup to launch, and beyond.

With decades of collective experience and a wide range of skills, our staff are always happy to help.


We’ll provide a comprehensive training session so you can keep your site up to date.

Online tutorials

Video and text tutorials are available directly within your website, as well as on ours.

Local website specialists

Our local team builds and manages high quality business websites every day, and can help with anything you need.

Just a phone call away

If email, and Messenger aren’t cutting it, you can give us a call during business hours and get help right away.