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Features of all GO Creative website support packages

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When you need a hand updating, improving, or fixing your website, we’re help to help. Our website support services are designed to take the time off your hands, giving you prompt and professional support, and ongoing maintenance of your website.

For a fixed monthly fee, you can rely on us and turn to us whenever issues arise or you need support, freeing up your time and energy to focus on running your business.

Need ad hoc support?

Not a problem! We can simply charge by the hour for any additional support, such as:

  • Technical support
  • Urgent support
  • Upgrades/changes


Your website is in very safe hands.

We’ll keep your website running in tip-top shape. We’ll find out about any specific features of the site, or anything else we need to be aware of, to make sure we make your life as stress-free as possible.

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Free consultation

We’ll have a chat about what you need from your support package, and which option is best for you.
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No lock in contracts

For all of our website support plans, we have an initial 3 month contract, then it’s month to month.

Monthly report

We’ll send you a report every month, so you can see exactly what we’ve done on your website, and how it’s performing overall.

Premium software

We’ll set up the best software available to improve speed and security, saving you $900 per year.
If you cancel the service, you can buy your own licences or downgrade to the free version.


Turn to us whenever issues arise.

Our local team of website specialists will take care of anything you need fixed on your website, whether it’s content, design, code, or software.

Please note that this time is specifically for fixing issues, not general development or “task” work.

Website support time

Have a problem with the site? Save on our normal developer rates, with support time included in your service.
Time allocation and usage type varies between plans.

Daily backups

Avoid catastrophe with daily website backups, which are held for 90 days. It’s also free to restore any backup.

Downtime notifications

Be the first to know if your website goes offline, and when it’s back up and running.


Eliminate bugs and get new features with website upgrades.

Software becomes outdated very quickly. To avoid being stuck with bugs/errors on your site, and to get access to new and improved features, we keep your software up to date and fix any problems that arise.

Software upgrades

We’ll upgrade all software, where possible. If upgrading something will break your site, or you don’t have a licence to upgrade it, we’ll let you know the options.

Issue resolution

If we find any issues with your website resulting from the upgrade, we’ll fix it as part of your support time, or roll back to the previous version.

Licence management

We’ll let you know about any software for which you need to buy or renew a licence.
Licence fees not included.


When it comes to websites, every second counts!

Our team makes every possible effort to improve the speed of your website, because we know that even a one-second delay can cost you visitors, and ultimately, sales.

Clear out the clutter

Over time, your website database collects a lot of junk data, so we clear this out to make the site more efficient.

File compression

All pages, images, and other files on your website are automatically compressed, drastically improving load time.

Performance monitoring

We perform proactive performance scans to identify and fix any issues affecting your website speed.
This counts towards the “support time” included in your package


Available with Protect and Enhance packages only

Security monitoring and cleanup for your peace of mind.

Mitigate the risk of online threats from hackers, and keep you and your customers’ data safe.

Upgrade from our base level website support plan to ensure you’re protected with robust security measures, virus scans, clean up, and more.

Additional backups

We back up all managed websites daily, but for extra safety we’ll take a second backup in another location (held for 12 months).
Not available with all plans.

Free SSL security

We’ll set up a free SSL certificate (HTTPS), which keeps you and your visitors’ personal data safe on the website.
Available only with hosting providers, like us, who support free SSL.

Security monitoring

We’ll scan your website for viruses and suspicious activity. All activity is logged to help investigate any breaches.

Virus and spam removal

If our scans reveal any viruses, we’ll clean it up for you using your support time. We’ll also delete any spam comments.