Facebook setup, management and advertising

Build an audience through Facebook

Stay front of mind and build loyalty with your Facebook fans! We can set up and manage your page, and manage your advertising campaigns.

We’re all about providing true value for money, with clear and simple inclusions, but if you’re not sure about anything you see here, drop us a line.

  • Flexible budget

    Your monthly budget can be adjusted as your needs change, and you can pay by the month.

  • No lock-in contracts

    With a proven record, we don’t need to tie you down. You can cancel any time.

  • Quality content

    We create high quality content to promote your page and website.

  • Expert analysis

    Get advice and strategies for improving your Facebook page and content/ads.

  • Range of options

    From setup and design, to management and advertising, we can help.

Our process

Step How it works
1. Consultation We’ll collect as much information about your business as possible, so that we can provide advice on the best strategy and budget.
2. Setup The first month’s payment is due before we get started, along with a contract which includes any specific details about your project, and a simple questionnaire. Once we’ve got everything we need, we’ll set up or access your existing Facebook account.
3. Research We research your current Facebook presence, as well as how you compare to your competitors. We use this information to prepare a strategy specifically for your business.
4. Content creation
Each month we’ll create content to help generate more Likes for your page, as well as monitor follower activity (comments and reactions) on your page.
5. Review and adjust
We continually review your campaign performance, adjusting your strategy as required.

Frequently asked questions

Are your staff based in Australia?

Yes. Everyone at GO Creative is based in Brisbane, aside from the technical engineers who manage our data centres across Australia. We don’t outsource any of our work offshore.

When you reach out to us for support, you’ll always deal with a member of our local team.

Do we receive reports on our campaign?

Yes. We provide online reports, so you can view your campaign data in real time. For example, you can view information about your conversions (enquiries/sales), customer interactions, and much more, at any time. The data is grouped by month, so you can easily compare performance of key metrics over time.

All reports are explained in detail to help you understand the data, and can easily be customised to your requirements so that you can see the data that means the most to you. If anything is unclear, we’re available to answer questions any time.

How are payments structured?

We manage your account for a monthly fee which is tailored to your campaign requirements and goals, and you then pay advertising fees directly to Facebook each time your ads are clicked (up to the advertising budget limit you choose).

What can we do with our ads?

Facebook Ads can be set to:

  • encourage people to “Like” your page (this is the most common use of Facebook Ads)
  • make your posts reach more of your followers (these are called Boosted Posts)
  • send people to any website address you like (such as a specific page on your site).

All options are highly effective, and an inexpensive way to either grow your followers or drive traffic to your website.

What happens when our monthly budget is reached?

Your ads stop running. But you can always add more budget to your account at any time, if you want to keep your ads running in any given month.

What kind of budget do we need?

Before we start any social media campaign, we’ll review your current page to determine the best strategy for your business. There’s no “one size fits all”.

For example, some clients have very active pages, with lots of Likes/fans/followers, and we just need to craft more engaging content/ads. For other clients, we may need to help them grow their followers first, so that their future messages are reaching a reasonable size audience.

We have starting budgets for all projects, however after our review we’ll let you know if this budget will be suitable for you.

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