5 easy steps to designing a brochure using a graphic designer

Brochures can be a great way to help promote your business and to keep in touch with your customers. However, many small businesses have problems creating a brochure due to a limited budget and lack of graphic design and writing skills.

Outsourcing to a graphic designer in Australia is a simple and effective solution, resulting in a professional brochure that truly represents your brand and increases sales and conversions. You’ll also save yourself from tearing your hair out on trying to learn a new skill which isn’t part of your core business.

Here is a quick walk through of the 5 steps to creating a brochure with GO Creative.

  1. Our research: As qualified and experienced graphic designers, in Australia we know what small businesses need. We take the time to understand your current position, so we review your website, style guide, and any previous brochures or marketing material, giving us a comprehensive overview of your branding and the way you interact with your customers. Your current logo, fonts, images and graphics are all important and will help us to design the right brochure for your business.
  2. Your research: Before we design your brochure, we need to know its purpose and its targeted audience. Your marketing and sales staff, if any, should be able to help you out with this information, but if not, we can include an additional step for this research in your brief.
  3. Content: You can provide your own text content and graphics, otherwise you can take advantage of our copywriting services and affordable stock images. Copy is a large part of your marketing message, and good writing can significantly increase your sales or generate more lucrative leads for your business. The right images can also have a huge impact on reader engagement.
  4. Create a draft: With all of this information to hand, we can go ahead and create the first draft of your brochure for you to review. We’ll then go through a feedback process with you to ensure the brochure is suitable for your needs.
  5. Final product: Once you’re happy, we create the final artwork in a print ready format and your brochure is ready to be printed or emailed to your customers.

A quality brochure will pay for itself time and time again and is a very worthwhile investment in your marketing strategy. If you want to chat with affordable and experienced graphic designers in Australia, call GO Creative on 07 3333 2932 or get a free online quote.