7 tips to boost your social media presence

As an internet marketing company, we’ve worked with many small business owners who had no idea how to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy. Some may have used Facebook at home and their kids are all over social media sites, but as far as using a social media network for their business is concerned, they were in the dark. At our Brisbane web design company, we specialise in not just building great websites, but helping to grow their traffic through advertising, search engines and social media.

Social media is now an essential part of small business web design in Brisbane and is not something that can be ignored. So if you are in the process of selecting an experienced Brisbane web design company to redesign your business website, here are 7 great tips to ramp up your social media and hit the road running.

  1. Target your audience: To successfully engage the community and increase your sales, you need to understand your audience. When you know their motivations, fears and interests you can create content that will encourage them to visit your website.
  2. Share buttons: It’s important that visitors to your website can share your content around their social networks, so always include social share buttons on your pages and posts.
  3. Post new content: You should post new content to your social media networks frequently and at times when people frequent these sites. For example, post to Facebook at least daily and in the evening when people are not at work.
  4. Images: It’s well known that content and posts which include images are shared more often that those without. As an internet marketing company, this is something that we always emphasise to our clients.
  5. Write a blog: This is one of the easiest ways to engage your target audience and gives you plenty of content to share around your social media network. If you are looking for a web design company in Brisbane, make sure that they include a blog in your new website.
  6. Expand your network: Don’t just stick with one social media site, add in all of the platforms used by your audience, so you can become the ‘go-to’ business and an authority in your industry.
  7. Search engine optimisation: Make sure to use your keywords and optimise all of your content, as this will help to increase your rankings in the search engine results pages.

As you can appreciate, building a social media network can be time consuming, so it pays to talk to an experienced Brisbane web design company or internet marketing company who can do all of this for you, leaving you free to run your business.

Is Search Engine Optimisation suitable for every business?

I had lunch with a colleague a few days ago, and we were talking about the services GO Creative offers to its clients. One of those is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is the process of improving the ranking of a website in search engines (e.g. Google) for particular search terms. The goal is to be more visible, which gets more traffic to the website, and ultimately to increase the number of enquiries or sales.

We ended up discussing whether SEO was the right choice for small businesses (and, in particular, micro businesses). There are lots of things to consider, but we basically both reached the same conclusion.

There’s no “one size fits all”

At the end of the day, there are various reasons why a business might engage an SEO provider to help increase enquiries and sales via their website. But many SEO providers will take on every client who comes their way, even if there are better options available.

At GO Creative, our team of Brisbane website developers and marketing specialists asks lots of questions up front so that we can understand your business. It’d be silly to offer a solution when we don’t even know what the problem is. For example, some businesses are looking for a quick spike in sales and are prepared to pay more for that — so we’d be more likely to recommend Google AdWords (pay per click advertising in Google) instead of SEO. If they weren’t so concerned about a quick return on investment, and were more focused on improving the visibility of their brand, social media may be the way to go.

But we need to know all of the variables before we make a recommendation, so we run through a questionnaire with all of our clients to make sure we have the full picture.

Why SEO may not be suitable

An SEO service may not be suitable for some businesses due to:

  • a very limited marketing budget
  • an extremely competitive industry where results may take longer than the business can afford
  • operating in an extreme niche, which means there aren’t enough Google searches for their products or service
  • already engaging heavily in content marketing, and SEO won’t offer enough additional benefits
  • a very low quality website which needs to be redeveloped before commencing any marketing activities.

Calculating your return on investment

The easiest way to work out your “break even” figure is to simple take your average lifetime customer profit, and work backwards from the SEO budget. So if you’re considering spending $1000 per month on an SEO service, and your customers are worth $500 in profits, you’d need to get two new customers per month from the SEO service to break even. It may take a couple of months for the results to emerge (that’s just how the SEO process works), so take that into account as well. Your selected Brisbane website developers or digital marketing agency may be able to help with other variables as well.

In summary

For many small businesses, SEO is extremely cost-effective and really helps them grow. For others, it’s just not the right option. Marketing agencies who push SEO on every business as though it’s some kind of guaranteed path to success is a negligent approach. This is how small businesses get burnt, thinking they’re putting their money into a service which is going to bring them a solid return on investment, but that’s not always the case.

There’s no guarantees when it comes to marketing; you have to weigh up all of the options and see what works best for you. Phone us today on (07) 3333 2932 for a free chat, or get an instant online quote to see how our team of Brisbane website developers and digital marketing experts can help your business grow.