Top tips for keyword research in SEO campaigns

As any good digital marketing agency in Brisbane will tell you, keyword research is an essential component of any successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. Regularly adding new content to your website that is rich with relevant keywords helps to increase your rankings in the search engines, which in turn – increases traffic, sales and profits. The problem is in finding the right keywords to drive relevant traffic to your website.

The more experienced and reputable web design companies in Brisbane will usually develop websites which are designed to rank as well as possible in search engines such as Google. However, websites aren’t a “set and forget” item; they require ongoing investments of time and money to make sure they’re generating new business for you. And this is where SEO comes in.

One of the most important elements of SEO is adding and improving your website content, which means you need to continually revisit your SEO strategy as well. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t have the time to learn how to optimise their content and they miss out on a significant amount of traffic.

If this scenario seems familiar to you, then it might be a good idea to engage a company like ours which specialises in SEO to oversee this part of your marketing.

Our SEO services are tailored to each client, however we do follow a general process to ensure our clients get value for money. Part of that is to identify the top keywords (phrases that potential customers search for in Google) which can generate a return on your website and SEO service investments.

Here are some of our main strategies in keyword research:

  • Monthly search volume: Aim for a good number of monthly searches per keyword. Less than 100 searches per month is not really good enough; instead you want searches in the multiple hundreds or thousands each month. If a website maintenance company tells you that they can help your website rank well for keywords with high search volumes, just be sure that the keywords are relevant to your business.
  • Competition: Low to medium competition is generally best for a small business (though targeting some with higher competition can certainly help, too). Keywords with a high search volume and low competition are ideal, but these gems don’t come around often. Instead, you would usually look for low to medium competition with a good search volume. Occasionally, you can use highly competitive keywords, but they will take much longer to rank and it might never happen… but SEO is a long game, so sometimes it’s worth that investment.
  • Long tail keywords: Some of the “long tail” keywords (i.e. phrases with at least 4 or 5 words) don’t have large search volumes, but they are also low competition and will usually bring in highly targeted and motivated buyers. Sprinkling a variety of long tailed keywords throughout your content can often significantly increase your traffic and your profits. Your digital marketing agency in Brisbane can help you to locate these long tail keywords, which can quite often help you to beat out the competition.
  • Focus keywords: Select one focus keyword for each piece of content. This is a keyword which is the core theme or content of the page, so you want to try to build pages with one focus keyword in mind first. Then, pepper your writing with long tail keywords and other variations of the focus keyword. This strategy ensures that search engines can easily identify the topic of your content, so that when consumers search in Google, your content is automatically matched and (hopefully) shown on the first page.

If the very thought of SEO is overwhelming, why not chat to GO Creative? We’re one of the premier local digital marketing agencies in Brisbane, and can tailor an SEO package to your goals and budget.

The difference between IT and web design companies in Brisbane

As you can imagine, many web design companies in Brisbane are experts at designing websites, and IT specialists are experts at managing computer networks and hardware. This means that if you want a new website, then you need to find web design services available in your area, whereas if you need help with “real world” things such as computers, printers, and the like, you need to contact an IT company.

However, when you need a combination of both IT assistance and web design in Brisbane, it can sometimes be difficult to know who to ask for help. The best strategy is to leverage the expertise of both types of experts, particularly if they partner with each other to offer a comprehensive service to their clients.

For example, if you’re looking for web design in Brisbane, at GO Creative we partner with Capital IT Solutions who provide an extensive range of IT services, and have been doing so very successfully for many years. As business owners can no doubt appreciate, the best companies simply focus on their core offerings, honing their skills and partnering with other professionals as needed, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades (and master of none).

Services offered by IT companies

Compared to web design companies in Brisbane, IT companies typically focus on:

  • providing computer hardware
  • providing other hardware such as printers and scanners
  • building and optimising networks and servers
  • in-house email systems
  • internet connections
  • backups and disaster recovery solutions
  • other general physical hardware and connectivity requirements.

An IT support company will help to fix any immediate problems with your networks, apply patches as necessary, and help prevent any future problems. If you don’t have an IT support specialist on your team, it’s definitely worthwhile investigating your options. The time and money saved can be immense — not to mention reducing stress when things (inevitably) go wrong from time to time.

Services offered by web design companies

While there can be some overlap with IT companies regarding hosting, domains and email management, the core business of true web design companies in Brisbane is designing effective websites. Anyone can put together a website with a little training or research, but for quality websites that provide everything a business needs for a successful internet presence, you need a specialist in web design services.

A web designer needs to not only have excellent design skills, but they also need to be knowledgeable about search engine optimisation (SEO), usability, customer experiences, sales funnels, app integrations, programming, design principles, and so on.

All of this means that if you’re looking for web design companies in Brisbane, it pays to make sure that they partner with a professional IT company, giving you the best of both worlds – quality web design and professional IT support.

What do SEO companies actually do?

If you want to increase your visibility in search engines, it makes sense to engage an experienced search engine optimisation (SEO) company. While many business owners look interstate or even offshore, you’ll find that you’ll get much more value from a company in Brisbane. Web design companies in Australia usually include some level of search engine tools or options in their website packages, so if you’re in the market for a new business website, make sure that’s included. All good web design companies in Brisbane will have this in their website packages because they know it’s critical.

Let’s look at some of the on-site and off-site optimisations offered by a professional SEO web design company in Brisbane that will help your site to rank higher in the search engine results pages (serps), as well as increasing traffic and conversions.

On-site SEO offered by web design companies

On-site SEO essentially means work carried out directly on your website. Therefore, on-site SEO typically includes updating, rewriting or adding content to your website to engage your visitors, as well as a suitable spread of keywords to encourage higher rankings in Google. Good SEO web design also focuses on making your site more user-friendly, along with time spent on optimisations aimed at increasing conversions. Any professional web design company in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia in fact, should include all these optimisations in your package.

Off-site SEO offered by web design companies

Off-site SEO is work performed away from your website, and includes tasks such as posting blog articles, videos, presentations, listings and reviews on third-party websites to increase the number of links (“backlinks”) and traffic to your website. It also includes creating business listings, Facebook pages, and other social media accounts to build your brand and encourage a loyal following.

Technical SEO offered by web design companies

Sitting somewhere between on-site and off-site SEO, there are a host of other technical jobs performed by good web design companies in Brisbane that are time consuming, but also essential for good SEO. These include setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business, sitemap files, robots.txt, and various other technical tasks, including SEO statistics, which help to not only monitor your website, but also monitor your rankings in the serps, conversions, website issues and so on. Also, there’s usually some form of reporting software required to track and adjust all this information on one platform, providing a “live” or periodic report for clients.

As you can imagine, cheap SEO providers and web design companies from overseas or even locally, generally don’t invest the time to optimise their client’s websites, simply doing a half-hearted job that doesn’t produce the goods. For professional SEO & web design in Brisbane and across Australia, you need to engage the services of an established company like GO Creative, who have a solid reputation for giving their clients a quality service every time.