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Top tips on maximising contact page conversions

It’s no secret that Brisbane web designers can play a massive role in increasing conversions on your website. That’s because the main aim of just about every website is to drive conversions, whether that’s donations, sales, or leads.

Websites can achieve conversions in many ways, but one of the most obvious strategies is via the contact page. This page is vitally important to your conversions, but many contact pages are extremely underutilised. It’s no wonder that conversions are low when a contact page doesn’t contain much more than a phone number and address.

At GO Creative, our team of web designers in Brisbane understand the importance of your contact page, which is why it’s an essential step in our website design process. So how does the design of your contact page help to increase conversions and what’s everyone missing?

Essentials steps web designers recommend

There are a multitude of ways web designers can create a high converting contact page. Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at the absolute basics you need from your contact page.

  • Make your contact page easy to find in your top menu, not just in your footer.
  • Add enough text and options to direct your visitors to the answers they need.
  • Check your grammar and spelling.
  • Include easy access to your social media pages.
  • Keep your contact form short, requiring few details.
  • Include your phone number and address.
  • Make your email and phone number clickable.
  • Include your store’s address in Google maps.
  • Ensure that all your contact details throughout your website are correct.
  • Make sure your contact details are correct in Google My Business.
  • Match the aesthetics of your contact page to your brand.


Essentially, you want your contact page to be easy to read, clear and not overly filled with information. A lot of white space is necessary on a contact page so that you don’t confuse your visitors. That’s why the website design process is so important, because you want to encourage your visitors to make contact with you, not turn them away because the page is too confusing or unhelpful.

Website design processes that make your page stand out

The above basics will help you create a contact page that gets the job done, but for it to be awesome – you need the input of professional web designers. That’s because it takes skill, experience and attention to detail to put together a well-developed website design. Brisbane developers are highly skilled at creating amazing contact pages, so here’s the GO Creative team’s tips for giving your contact a magical touch!

1. Make your contact page easy to find

We’ve mentioned this already in the basics listed above, but we’ve decided to include it here as well, because it’s a point that needs to be driven home. It’s likely that you have visited a website and been frustrated at not finding their contact details, so you can understand why it’s so important to get this right. This means that you need your contact page to be in the main menu, as well as the footer for good measure. 

You can also include a floating ‘Can we help?’  button that pops up when visitors start to scroll down any of the pages on your website. As an additional point here, it’s important to remember that for smartphone users, they will have to scroll forever down a page to reach your footer – if that’s the only link to your contact page, which will be very frustrating!

2. Make your contact page match your brand colours

All Brisbane web designers know that colour is a very important aspect of website design, but you need to use these colours correctly. Certain colours have been shown to increase conversions, whilst others enhance trustworthiness. So while these particular colours might not match your brand exactly, experienced web designers can weave them into your contact page while still being true to your brand colours.

3. Make your contact page personalised 

When a visitor has become interested enough to click on your contact page, it means that they have already engaged with your brand. So why not up the ante and personalise this page to give them even more reasons to follow through and contact you?

An easy way to do this is to add actual images of your customer service team, so your visitor knows who they will be contacting. Another option is to add a stock image of a person who matches the persona of your brand. These additions to your contact page can make your brand much more approachable, which is a great step forward.

4. Make your contact page relevant

All Brisbane web designers understand the relevance of contact pages, but it can seem confusing at first. After all, isn’t the relevance of this page self-explanatory? Well yes, but it can be even more relevant to your visitors by giving them options and drilling down to identify the type of help they actually need.

That’s why you see on some of the more successful websites a list of options on their contact page, because not all visitors have the same needs. Some visitors will want to ask about one of your products or services, others might want to know more about pricing, yet others might want information about their accounts for example. 

If you provide relevant options on your contact page, you make their visit more personal and you show your visitors that you care about their experience on your website. Visitors also know that they will be able to contact someone who can actually answer their questions or provide the information they require.

Other options for your contact page include adding links to your FAQ page or even a list of How-To videos that might be more relevant to your visitors. That’s because your visitors want information, which might be more easily presented via a video or FAQ page. This type of dynamic contact page can be extremely useful in driving new leads, sales or donations to your website.

Professional website design in Brisbane

The best way to customise your contact page is to contact a professional website design team in Brisbane, such as GO Creative. We can help you create a first rate contact page that matches your brand and helps generate leads and drive sales to your business.

Why WordPress is the best ecommerce solution

If you’re looking to sell your products or services online, it’s easy to look at cheap or DIY website options. But it’s vital that your online store is set up correctly using a suitable ecommerce platform. 

The right website solution will offer a convenient, reliable, accessible and efficient online shopping experience for the end user. It can be overwhelming trying to find the most suitable solution, but below we outline why we believe WordPress is the best ecommerce solution in the market for many businesses.

Key features of WordPress for ecommerce

Originally created as an online platform for bloggers, WordPress has evolved considerably over the past couple of decades, and is now an all-in-one platform for website builders. It’s incredibly flexible and can be adapted to suit almost any requirement.

One of its key features is the ability to integrate any of several ecommerce solutions, each with countless configurable options. Below we outline some of the key benefits of WordPress as an ecommerce platform.

1. Wide variety of plugins

Plugins are additional software packages that customise the default features of WordPress. This allows WordPress to be transformed into an online store, membership platform, video service, intranet, and anything else you can dream up. The rate of plugin development is only increasing, offering more options every day.

For ecommerce sites, the variety of plugins offer a ton of extra features that you could potentially make invaluable use of, including:


  • Managing and organising your available inventory of products and alerting you to when you need to order more.
  • Managing customer/client communication, which is essential. Plugins can offer unrivalled ability for direct communication.
  • Customer support, which is another essential part of any business, especially with ecommerce where customers are otherwise lacking ‘attention’ from company personnel.
  • Security. This is always important for websites but with ecommerce it’s even more so, what with the transfer of money and inputting of credit cards and other confidential information.

(a) WooCommerce (our recommendation)

Our preferred ecommerce plugin is WooCommerce because it offers a huge array of customisable features to help your website function better, and offer customers greater security, features and mobile access.

(b) Easy Digital Downloads

If you’re simply selling products online, this plugin will offer you streamlined functionality. 

(c) WP eCommerce

If you’re working with a ton of financial information, product details or online catalogues–not to mention increasing sales–WP eCommerce is a popular choice.

(d) Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

This all-in-one plugin offers fantastic improvement on your already existing WordPress website and also allows Facebook integration and mobile accessibility.

2. Wide variety of themes

WordPress offers a ton of themes for you to choose from. While many platforms offer a variety of themes, not all of them offer comprehensive theme integration with a working ecommerce solution. Your theme determines how your business’s website looks and works for your customers. This can be frustrating because if you choose a theme that you like and works for you but doesn’t work as an ecommerce solution, you’ll be stuck and needing to compromise one way or the other.  

A theme that supports ecommerce might offer any or all of the following:

  • Responsive and interactive layout
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Ability to customise appearance
  • Easy to control and change settings
  • Plugin support

WordPress offers a lot of themes with ecommerce options, such as Uncode, Shop Isle, EightStore Lite or Make. Each theme offers different features and functions, so make sure that the one you settle on works for you. That said, most popular themes now natively support WooCommerce or another ecommerce plugin. If you’re not sure what’s best for your website, give GO Creative a holler!

3. Easy to implement security

As we mentioned before, ecommerce websites require a high level of security. With the amount of financial transactions, personal data, and confidential information you’ll be dealing with you — and your customers — need to rest assured that you are covered on all security bases.

WordPress has been in the business for a long, long time. Over the years it’s gained a well-deserved reputation for being secure and reliable. Additionally, because their reputation depends on it, the WordPress team is constantly seeking improvements to their security options.

Additionally, if you’re looking (as you should) for extra security features, there are plenty of security solutions available that will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress site. From automatic backups to regular updates, and from site trackers to external plugins, WordPress makes it easier to be safe rather than sorry.

4. The WordPress Community

It is common knowledge that no person is an island, and no one can achieve success alone. In the real world our teams, colleagues, mentors, friends and community are all driving and supporting factors behind our success personally and professionally. In the online space of website and ecommerce creation, it is no different.

WordPress is not just a fantastic technical tool, it also offers a large community of users who are happy to help give suggestions, offer feedback, troubleshoot technical issues or answer questions. While truly a community in every sense of the word, the various sources of support for WordPress can vary from the WordPress support site itself to online course providers like WP Apprentice. There are even YouTube channels, Q&A forums and third party support forums online available for you to access and draw inspiration from.

Not to mention the elephant on the page: GO Creative. While we offer a comprehensive list of website-related services, our team are experts in everything ecommerce and WordPress web design in Brisbane. 

Premium WordPress Web Design Brisbane

Your ecommerce website may make or break your success as an online business. So, it’s vital you get it right. Whether we’ve sold you on the benefits of using WordPress for your ecommerce solution and you’re ready to get started, or you want to ask some more questions and view some alternative options, the GO Creative team is always more than happy to help.

Give us a call or shoot through an enquiry today, and we’ll give you our undivided attention so your ecommerce website can be up and running as soon as possible.

5 website design trends for 2021

As a longstanding website design company in Brisbane, we’ve seen a multitude of changes over the past 20 years.

Web development is very much a specialist field that demands a very high level of knowledge, skill, and creativity. It also takes a lot of training and time to stay up to date with all of the changes that occur very rapidly in the industry. After all, our clients expect an end product which delivers true results for their business. A web developer’s level of expertise and experience is usually reflected in their website design pricing.

Some of the technological changes we see help to improve the aesthetics of a website, while others enhance the user experience. So what changes can we expect on the horizon? Let’s take a look at what we expect to see happening in 2021.

1. More SVG/vector images

Websites that are loaded with lots of GIFs or PNG images can significantly reduce browser loading times and it becomes very frustrating for shoppers. So much so that consumers tend to close these sites before they fully open and move onto another site that loads faster.

Loading speed is such an important topic, particularly with the increasing popularity of mobile devices where these speeds can be even slower. Google has also given browser speed some attention, as it ranks sites that load quickly higher than their slower counterparts.

Another problem with these image formats is that they can’t be resized very well, because they lose their resolution, which also affects the user experience on mobile devices again.

In 2021, we believe that there’s going to be a big increase in SVG formats for images, because they load faster and automatically resize themselves to suit the device, whilst retaining clarity and resolution. It’s a trend that is already growing right here in Brisbane and as a leading website design company, we can offer the speed improvements to our clients!

2. Enhancing communications with informative design

Basically, this means that you present data in a way that is easy to understand. Your audience can be your own employees, senior management or consumers and the data can be displayed in graphs, infographics or any other way that makes data and information easier to understand. So it’s all about clarity of communication and helping people make sense of data. You can also use this data to promote your company to consumers by incorporating data collection into your web design – just ask us how!

3. Maximising individuality with asymmetrical designs

Something that web designers utilise in page layouts is a grid, which defines the layout of each web page. A well designed layout provides a positive user experience and the grid has proven to be very useful in that regard. Usually, designers focus on symmetrical layouts because it allows elements to be placed evenly around a central point or axis on the web page. 

There are different types of symmetry, for example rotational symmetry where you can place elements around a central point, as if in a circle. This eliminates the restrictions of the four cardinal points and allows more freedom in symmetrical design.

Then there’s reflectional symmetry which is very restrictive and is where one half of the page mirrors the other half. Last is glide reflectional symmetry, which is where you reflect an image, but move it so that it’s not in the opposite position, as it would be in a mirror image. In short, symmetry provides an ordered approach to web design because consumers know where to look for certain elements on a page and the eye likes symmetry!

Symmetry, however, becomes increasingly difficult to attain as more elements are added to a page (it’s best used for simple web designs). The alternative is an asymmetrical design, something that we have been seeing more of at our Brisbane web design company.

An asymmetrical web design means that we aren’t constrained to achieve symmetry, but can accept a certain degree of asymmetry, whilst still trying to ensure that we achieve a balanced design. Asymmetry provides an avenue for more uniqueness in a design but requires great skill because without balance a website doesn’t enhance user experience. Expect more websites to utilise an asymmetrical layout in 2021!

4. Adding interest by layering the web design

A recent trend has been to upload a video so that it becomes the background to the home page. The problem, however, is when you want to include lots of SVG images or text boxes on the page as well.

The solution is to use shadows and floating images that create a layered effect to the web design, adding interest and depth to the page. This solution can also be used to add text, headings or CTA buttons on top of the background video, providing even more avenues for creating a unique website.

You will start to notice these design changes over the next 12 months as 2021 progresses, because more people will start to realise the visual benefits of this layering effect along with a much better user experience.

5. Web design on the dark side

Just about every web design company in Brisbane and elsewhere promotes the use of white space to their clients, as this allows consumers to easily visualise the content. Now, however, we are seeing an increase in dark mode web designs where the background isn’t white, but dark, and the text isn’t black, but white.

This design approach provides a completely different aesthetic and has been adopted by a number of large multinational companies, such as Mercedes Benz and Apple. From a practical point of view, a dark design reduces eye strain which can be a problem for people who spend a lot of time on the internet.

It also allows you to highlight certain content because a white text box stands out on a dark background. As far as aesthetics is concerned, a dark design makes your website look ultra-modern and cutting edge!

While these are the most likely trends that will become more commonplace in 2021, others that are starting to show some traction include voice user interfaces, custom navigation, augmented reality and immersive 3D elements.

We fully expect 2021 to be a great year for some truly unique web designs!

The 3 biggest problems with web designers (and how to avoid them)

When you engage corporate web design services, you want everything to run smoothly with no slipups and complications. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and problems can occur between business owners and website developers.

In Brisbane, we occasionally come across the odd problem, but none that can’t be preempted by clear communication and good preparation. So if you are looking for professional corporate web design services, here are 3 tips on making sure that the design process goes off without a hitch.

Know what type of design you want

It is fair to say that not all business owners know what type of design they want for their new website in Brisbane. Website developers however, have lots of experience and can give you plenty of examples from which you can chose your own design. In itself, this isn’t a problem, but if you can’t make your mind up and let your creative website designer go ahead and do what they think is right, this is where problems can occur. So never go ahead with a design if you are not 100% sure it is what you want, because once you sign off on the design – that’s what you get.

Know what type of features you want

You need to know the type of functionality you want in your website, otherwise when it completed, you may be left with a site that doesn’t suit all of your needs. Design is very a subjective subject and the website developers will interpret what you need as best they can, but if you aren’t explicit in stating your needs, you may end up with what your developer thinks you want, which might not be what you had in mind at all.

Have your content ready to be uploaded

Once the web development stage has been completed, you will need all of your copy, images and videos ready, because now is the time to populate your website with your content. In Brisbane, this is quite often the stage when everything comes to a complete halt, because business owners have no content ready for their website. If you don’t have the skills, the time or the enthusiasm to write your own content, ask your web development team to arrange for a copywriter to take over this task for you.

If you are looking for a professional web development team in Brisbane, why not get an instant quote online today?

Web design service from offshore provider cost you in a long run

If you’re working on a new website for your business, then you need a company that offers you professional corporate web design services. The problem is that some businesses look to engage an offshore provider to save money, but in most instances, it can end up costing even more money in the long run (and give you ulcers as well!).

A highly professional touch is needed to create corporate web designs, and sufficient experience to know what does and doesn’t work. If you pay some guy in India $10 an hour to design your website, instead of a professional in Australia who charges (say) $100 an hour, you could be buying a whole lot of trouble.

Here at GO Creative, we have a long standing reputation for professional corporate website design, and therefore we charge a lot more than $10 an hour to our clients for this service. However, if you’re considering outsourcing your corporate web design services overseas, here are three important considerations:

1. How much experience do they have?

Many offshore providers aren’t qualified or experienced in any form of design, let alone corporate website design, which means that even if the work is cheaper and faster, it isn’t going to be high quality. You may have checked out their online folio or read their testimonials, but you normally can’t speak to them over the phone or check their references.

2. How efficient are they?

A lot if so-called “web developers” overseas will hire workers off the street and provide only basic training. So when you give them a task that should really only take 30 minutes, they might blow 3 hours on it, and do it poorly at the same time. Then you’re paying a premium price for low quality work. Not to mention, a common frustration is that offshore developers have an extremely low level of attention to detail, so you end up wasting your own time going back over the same instructions.

3. What support do they offer?

The language barrier can be a real issue during both the design stage and afterwards when you need ongoing support. You may even find that they may not offer ongoing support or even a warranty on their services and even worse, many of these providers actually disappear without warning, leaving you in the lurch with a half-finished website and no way to get in touch with them at all. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty common scenario.

In the end, it all comes down to quality, communication and support, which we provide to our clients in spades. Creating attractive, functional and results-oriented corporate websites is our bread and butter, so if you want a professional website from a reputable provider, call us on 07 3333 2932 or get an instant quote online.

What to do if you make a mistake on your WordPress website

Website design and development can be quite complicated, which is why most successful businesses engage a web designer who specialises in WordPress web development to put their site together.

However, once the site is published, if you make a mistake — such as accidentally deleting a page or overwriting content — then you’ll need to work out how to fix it.

The proactive solution is to ensure that your website developers provide a website design and management service, so they can update all of your plugins safely and fix any problems fast.

However, if you don’t have that luxury, and you’ve lost something important on your website, here is a list of steps you can take that might rectify the problem.

  1. Restore a revision: If you’ve overwritten something on a page or post, you can usually return to the previously saved version by editing the item then clicking on “Browse” next to “Revisions” on the right.
  2. Check the Trash: If you actually deleted the item, it might be in the trash. If it’s a file, it may still be in the media library.
  3. Access a backup plugin: If you have a backup plugin, this will let you to restore a previously saved version of your website, but you might lose any changes you’ve made since the last backup was taken.
  4. Call your web management company: This is one of the services we offer at GO Creative: website design and management. We will be able to restore a backup for you at no extra cost.
  5. Call your web host: Some hosting companies are able to restore your site to a previous version. But not all of them do, which is why engaging a web management company is such a good idea.
  6. Ask your web developer: They may have a previous backup of your website, but this is a long shot. It will likely be very old in any case.
  7. Check the archives: If all else fails and you don’t want to (or can’t) replace the content or file manually, you can check the internet archive website to see if they have a copy of your content. Google “internet archive”, visit the site, and enter your website address. You can then see if there’s a copy of your page sorted online, for you to copy/paste from.

As you can see, it’s always best to look for a company that doesn’t just simply offer WordPress web development, but also offers a website design and management service. This will save you an enormous amount of money, time, and stress, when things go wrong (and, at some point, they will!).

GO Creative is one of the leading website developers in Brisbane, and we provide a comprehensive and affordable website management service to clients across Australia. Call us on 07 3333 2932 or get an instant quote online.

Are all corporate web design services the same?

There are so many web developers in Brisbane offering corporate web design services, so how do you figure out which one is best for you?

One of the biggest issues for companies when selecting a web developer is that they don’t know what they don’t know. Comparing apples to apples can be very difficult when you’re wading through a checklist of website inclusions, many of which will be completely foreign to you. Every web developer is different. It’s not like shopping for a car where you can compare some basic facts and figures, or jump in for a test drive.

Making matters worse, how do you even know if the web design company you’re considering using has been around for a long time, or is a relative newcomer with little experience?

As a long standing web development company in Brisbane, many of our clients have come to us in the first place because their website project didn’t go to plan, in one way or another. So how can you make sure that you receive a high quality corporate website design that will establish a positive presence on the internet for your business?

Questions to ask corporate web design agencies

As you can imagine, asking a lot of questions is the only way to be really sure that your corporate web design package will include everything that is important to your company. Here are some important questions to help you filter out the good from the bad:

  1. Can you help us compare your packages to those of another web developer?
  2. Can you offer a full range of services in addition to corporate web design, such as copywriting, search engine optimisation, and graphic design?
  3. Are there any key limitations of the software or packages that we should be aware of?
  4. Do you have clients who we can phone for a reference?
  5. Can you show us examples of websites which you developed at least three years ago, including proof of their age?
  6. Can you show us examples of websites which you have developed in the past month, including proof of their age?
  7. What makes you different to other developers?

Another concern is always the budget and without a doubt, you will want to save as much money as possible on the design of your website. The problem is that there are many web design packages around the $500 mark, but many of these are designed by people with little experience or training and don’t offer any ongoing support. In fact, many of the ‘cheaper’ websites are outsourced overseas, resulting in very poor website designs.

All of this means that if you are searching for a web development company in Brisbane, interstate or even overseas, you need to be very careful and ask a lot of questions, before you make your final decision. Local developers are usually the best choice in any case, because you can see them face to face if any issues arise or you need to have a meeting to discuss the project.

If you want a professional and experienced Brisbane web development team to create your website, call GO Creative on 07 3333 2932 or get an instant quote online.

What does a web developer actually do?

Are you in the market for a professional corporate website design? The benefits of an online presence for your organisation cannot be underestimated, so if you don’t already have a website up and running, or it’s been around for more than a few years, it’s time to make the investment in the growth of your business.

There are a number of corporate web design services available in Brisbane, as web development is becoming increasingly vital for all businesses. Regardless of size, from micro businesses to large multi-national corporations, a professionally designed website will help generate leads and increase sales.

What’s involved in corporate website design?

Brisbane web development companies, on top of local knowlege of the Brisbane market, require a wide set of skills and many years of experience. Before the company can begin developing a website for their clients, they need to understand your business needs and carry out a number of essential tasks to address those requirements. So let’s take a look at what is involved in corporate website design, from the point where we have already determined your brief and we’re ready to start creating your new website.

1. Setup

From the very start, we need to setup a web hosting account and purchase a domain name for your new website (unless you have already purchased your own domain name previously). Next, we need to create and setup all of the files and databases that will form the structure of your website.

2. Design and development

To complete your corporate website design, we set up the functionality using various programming languages, design each page, and import, edit and reformat your content. Along the way, we work within various file systems, compress images and other files to increase speed, and test for any bugs.

We need to take into consideration many factors, including speed, security, search engine visibility/rankings, user expectations, multiple devices/technologies, the ability to change the website in future, and many more items.

There’s also a lot of communication with our clients as we work through a design revision process, gathering feedback and making the necessary code/design adjustments along the way.

3. Training and support

Once all of these tasks have been completed, this is the end of the major steps in web development. Brisbane based businesses will also receive in-house training, documentation, and continued support and management — depending on their selected website package, of course. Our website management packages include various actions such as upgrading the software on a regular basis, setting up monitoring tools, and monthly reports.

Corporate web design is a true specialisation

As you can appreciate, corporate website design is a full-time occupation, demanding skills that have been honed over time and which are increasing every day. It’s a highly specialised area which means that only the top-tier web developers will provide a suitable return on investment for their clients.

For more information on web development in Brisbane, you can get an instant quote online or you can call GO Creative on 07 3333 2932.

Why doing things “on the cheap” is a VERY bad idea

Most reputable Brisbane website developers will acknowledge that there are times when you can probably ‘get by’ with a cheap website in some circumstances.

DIY websites, however, are more suitable for micro/hobby businesses and start-ups, rather than for established businesses. Hiring a local website developer may cost more, but it’s an investment that will result in more traffic, enquiries and sales. And ultimately that’s what every website is created for.

Get off the fence

If you’re unsure about hiring a web design company, here are five reasons to go for it:

  1. Increased conversions: A web development company knows all of the design strategies that will make your website appealing and engaging to your visitors, helping to increase conversions (enquiries or sales) on your website. Handling the process on your own can actually turn off many potential customers due to an ill-conceived design or general user experience.
  2. Increased rankings: A company that specialises in web development and related services knows how to get your website ranking as high as possible in Google, right off the bat. Without professional help, your website can languish in the depths of the internet, suffering from a profound lack of traffic and conversions.
  3. Enhanced security: When you compare the security of a free website with a bespoke website designed by a Brisbane web design company, you have much more security against hacking with the professional designers. Free websites tend to have a host of security issues that have caused many websites to crash, resulting in a mad rush to try and recover whatever is left.
  4. Greater flexibility: The “free” or cheap online website builders are generally quite limited in what can be done. You may save yourself a few dollars now, but later if you want to do something more with your website, you may have to start from scratch anyway.
  5. Time savings: While many of the online website builder sites are fairly easy to use, it still takes a good amount of time to structure your pages and menus, add your content, perfect the design, and configure all of the other settings to get your website up and running. If you’re spending many hours working on your site, wouldn’t that time be better spent running your business? (Not to mention the potential for some significant hair loss along the way!)

If you’re ready to hand over your website project to a professional Brisbane web design company, and get the results you need, call GO Creative on 07 3333 2932 or get an instant quote online.

How long does it take to create and build a website?

Professional web design in Brisbane is a specialised job, requiring many years to accumulate the necessary experience and skills to create bespoke web designs for a range of different industries. As a company specialising in website design and development in Brisbane, GO Creative has built a formidable reputation for building quality, high converting websites, but even with all of our experience, this cannot be achieved overnight.

Understanding the website design and development process

To understand what goes into the designing and development of a website, you need to be familiar with the overall process we go through here at GO Creative.

1. Planning

Planning might not sound like an integral step in the website development process, but the more you plan in the initial stages of the project, the more likely you are to save money and time down the line.

During the planning process–sometimes called the discovery process for reasons that will become clear–we conduct thorough research around the industry of our clients, including their competitors’ websites. We leave no stone uncovered ensuring we understand the goals our clients want to achieve with their new website, understand their offerings and unique selling proposition and familiar with their target audience. Of course, this also includes gathering information from the client about what they want in their website and what sort of functionalities they are looking for as well.

This stage can take a few hours for a super simple website in an uncomplicated industry, or it can take days. It all depends on the amount of information and availability of the information.

2. Website wireframe design

Once we know what we’re going to be building, the next stage of website design and development is the building of a wireframe. Think of the wireframe as the digital scaffolding that closely resembles what the final website will look like and how it will work. From there, it gives our graphic design team and website coders a plan to work off. We ensure that all requirements are incorporated and that the website includes everything the client needs and wants.

3. Content creation

Often, the creation of content can take the most time for a website and not just because we seek feedback and approval from our client at every stage of the development, From written content to images and videos to audio files, there’s often a lot of content that needs to be created, sourced, and put together. The length of time that this stage takes will be highly dependent on how much information we have to work with from the beginning versus how much our copywriters and content creators have to source or create themselves.

4. Optimising the user experience

Once the content is finalised we are able to focus on the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). This important yet lesser known stage ensures that the website we create doesn’t just look great but functions in a user-friendly, easy, and intuitive manner. By playing around with mock-ups and testing every function and piece of coding out we can make sure everything is going to work as optimally as possible come launch date.

5. Coding

Now comes the time for the actual website development, i.e. coding. Without going into the technical details here, the complexity of the website and the number and type of functions the website is required to have will affect how complex the coding and consequently how long it takes.

6. Testing

During the beta testing stage, we provide a ‘soft launch’ of the website without promoting it to the public. This gives us the opportunity to iron out any existing chinks and ensure that everything is modified and fixed in time for the actual launch. Think of this stage as the quality control of the website design and development process.

7. Website launch

We made it! Now it’s time to launch the website. While you may think that it’s as simple as pressing the big red button and the website simply appearing online, there’s actually more complexity to the task at hand. The various components, plugins, apps and coding takes time to roll out, but once the launch is completed your website will be roaring and ready to go.

How long does website design and development usually take?

All things being equal, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks (depending on our workload) from the initial consultation stage to final completion of your website. This time frame however, is based on a simple website with a handful of pages and not too much in the way of specialised functionality.
The more specialised the design and functionality of your website, the longer it takes for the site to be completed. Obviously this varies between companies who specialise in web design in Brisbane, but in most cases this is a sensible time frame to keep in mind.
The one tripwire in the design process is actually the client’s content, because the longer it takes to receive this from a client, the longer the timeframe to completion. You might be surprised to learn that this is the biggest hold up to going live with your website, and sometimes we wait a few weeks for the client’s content… and in extreme cases we have waited years!

Speeding up the process

You want your website up and running as soon as possible, but it pays to have all your ducks in a row before we start the design process. This means you need the following information available either at the first consultation, or as soon as the project starts:

  • Branding, colours and logo (or ask us for graphic design help)
  • A summary of the purpose of your website
  • An overview of your ideal customer.
  • Some idea of the functionality required (payment gateway, finance calculators, tables etc)
  • Photos, images, videos, and text already available or in progress

If you want to finish the website as quickly as possible, you’ll need to make fairly snappy decisions as we work through the design process, so we can make any changes and have your site live ASAP.
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What information should be included on your website’s home page?

We have been a web development and website management company for nearly twenty years, so we know that using a free or cheap online website builder sounds like a great way to save money, but it’s not the best strategy to help your business grow.

If you don’t know what information to put on your website, the best design/layout, and the other “best practice” methods to convert visitors into customers, you’re actually going to miss out on a lot of potential customers.

As a web development and website management company, we know that there’s much more to a website than a home page, but today we’ll just focus on that page, because it usually has the most traffic and is therefore very important. If you don’t employ a professional copywriter, here’s what you should include on the home page of your website, so that your visitors stay, look around and hopefully convert into customers:

  • What do you do?
    You must be absolutely clear in letting your visitors know what services or products you can offer them. This is not the time to waffle on or overload the page with details about everything you do. Use simple language and guide visitors through to view more information.
  • Where do you do it?
    Many people will be looking for a local provider. If you only service certain suburbs of Brisbane, for example, make sure that your visitors know this up front. Visitors can become quite frustrated if they are not given all of the information they need to make a decision, and your service area is important.
  • Who will benefit?
    If your services are only suitable for home owners, 4WD enthusiasts or people with a disability, for example, let them know. For example, a plumber’s website might include the following sentence: “ABC Plumbing provides residential and commercial plumbing services on the Sunshine Coast”.
  • What are the benefits?
    Why should a visitor buy from your business? Why should they choose you over your competition? What can you offer them that is better than the competition? You must state these reasons very clearly on your home page.
  • How do they contact you?
    Don’t make your visitors click on a dozen pages to find your contact details. Have them available in the header, sidebar or footer as well, making it that much easier for them to contact your business. And, of course, make sure your phone number is “tappable” when your website is viewed on a phone.

In general, you have only a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention, so you need to avoid fancy language, show them why you are special, tell them your qualifications and experience, give them examples and prove it to them with testimonials.

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Is my website content copyright protected?

Most of us don’t have the time or the enthusiasm to write our own copy or blog articles, so we engage a copywriter, marketing agency or a company that specialises in small business web design in Brisbane to do all of this for us. A question arises however, about who actually owns the copyright, if someone else has written it, even though it is on your website.

Implied copyright

Well, in Australia we have what is termed “implied copyright”, which means that you don’t have to include “Copyright” notices or © on any works of any type. Despite this legal omission, it is important to understand that unless specified otherwise in a contract or agreement, the owner of the website owns all content on the website as well.

It is only an unscrupulous web developer or copywriter who would attempt to retain ownership of the content after it has been paid for by the website owner. This is a key point for you to remember, that once you have paid for the work, as the website owner you should own the content. Make sure you check your contract or agreement before signing anything!

Can you copy and paste from the Internet?

Just about 99.9% of all content on the Internet is copyrighted. That includes text, videos, music, photographs, graphics and images — everything, really! As such, you cannot simply download (or copy and paste) anything and add it to your website as if it were your own.

It is fair to say that if someone is happy for you to copy their content and include a link back to the original work on their website, they will make it known on their website, but if not, you can always ask them. If you are unsure of the copyright issues for content that you want to utilise on your website, then you can find out more information on the Australian Copyright Council Website.

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12 key tips for writing quality content for your website

As a website maintenance company, we know that writing copy for your website which actually converts visitors into customers is a skill that can be learned, but can also be quite time consuming and to be frank, it’s pretty boring if it is not your ‘thing’. If you are faced with a blank page on your website, here are 12 key tips for writing high quality copy:

  1. Summarise your products or services in one sentence with 12 words or less.
  2. Make sure that the description of your products or services stands out and can’t be missed.
  3. Explain who your products or services are suitable for and give examples.
  4. Keep your copy simple, short and uncomplicated.
  5. Explain three or four unique selling points and say them loud and proud.
  6. Ask for a second opinion on your copy, maybe a friend, colleague or current customer.
  7. Say whatever is relevant to make your customers want to buy your services or products.
  8. Include any awards, testimonials, reviews or news about your business.
  9. Show qualifications and industry credentials.
  10. Make sure your logos are shown prominently on every page.
  11. Include customer testimonials and reviews of work or projects you have completed for them.
  12. If any of your clients are also businesses, find out if you can include their logos on your website.

Don’t forget to include details wherever possible, for example if you are selling products for children, describe the suitable age groups for your products. If you’re selling timber furniture, describe the types of timber you use and where you source it from. Another example is if you are trying to write your opening hours, instead of “open some Sundays”, make it clear that you’re “open first Sunday of every month” or ask your customers to “call to arrange an appointment on Sunday”.

Lastly, review your website for misspellings, repeated words and incorrect grammar. At worst, they can leave potential customers wondering whether you pay attention to more important business details.

For help with putting content together for your website, general copywriting needs or to chat about how a website maintenance company can keep your website up to date and running perfectly, call us on 07 3333 2932 or get a free instant email quote.

Website maintenance: DIY vs web developer – which is right for your business?

Ongoing website maintenance in Brisbane is an essential part of owning a website, and if this is neglected you can seriously endanger the reputation of your business. Some of the problems you may encounter if you ignore maintaining your website can range from broken links and outdated content, to aggressive hacks and lost customers. Whether you maintain your website yourself or you decide to outsource this to a web developer depends on your budget, time and skills.

The first major consideration is that when things go wrong with websites, they can quickly escalate out of control. Trying to find a web developer to urgently fix your site can be difficult, costly and time consuming. The investment in a web developer to manage your website will pay itself back time and time again and is definitely a business expense that is worth considering.

Some of the maintenance jobs that a web developer will keep on top of for your website include the following:

  • Update all of your plugins, as necessary.
  • Ensure that no clashes occur between your plugins.
  • Monitor your plugins and your theme to ensure that they are all secure.
  • Fix any problems that do occur.
  • Monitor and update your keywords, website content and technical data.
  • Improve the speed of your website, so it loads faster.
  • Enhance the design and functionality of your website.
  • Design new graphics, banners and call to action buttons.
  • Provide recommendations on your content, design and navigation.
  • Add keywords to your headings, links and other content.
  • Set up and install Google Analytics on your website.
  • Set up a sitemap and submit it to the search engines.
  • Add or update your Google Business listing (including Google maps and Google plus).

As you can see, this is a lot of work that will take up a lot of your time and some of it is highly specialised website maintenance. In Brisbane, for example, what are you going to do if you update one of your plugins and your website crashes? A web developer can properly test the compatibility of these updates with your website and other plugins, before updating the plugin on your live website.

If you were to neglect your car and avoid paying for regular services, eventually you’ll be faced with an inoperable car and a hefty repair bill. Owning a website is no different, but if your website is inoperable, your entire business can suffer.

At GO Creative we offer a monthly website management service that keeps your website, plugins and software running at peak performance, generating leads and helping you to rank higher in the search engines. Phone 07 3333 2932 or request an instant quote for more information about our monthly website maintenance in Brisbane.

Tips for online marketing – targeting audience attitudes

It is fair to say that most businesses tend to use customer demographics to hone their online marketing campaigns. After all, this is a great way to attract your target audience and present them with advertising or promotions that appeal to their interests.

Recent research however, has found that the traditional demographic groups that we generally target are changing, meaning that business owners need to take another look at how they target their customers. It appears market groups could be better targeted by understanding customer attitudes, rather than straight demographics.

Benefits of targeting customer attitudes rather than demographics

With the continual growth of the internet, it is no longer the domain of the very young. Now everyone from young children to great-grandparents are online, searching for products or services, blogging, making new friends and generally using the internet in their daily lives.

This means that targeting your audience simply by their age is no longer as relevant as it used to be, say five years ago. Using age as a targeting demographic can actually alienate many potential customers, meaning that you lose out on traffic, sales and profits.

Targeting attitudes, rather than age groups or social strata helps you to identify groups of potential customers that were previously hidden to you. For example, research has shown that a large group of people over 65 years of age and those between 25 and 34 years of age are worried about online security.

If you run a business that targets people who are concerned about online security and you ignored consumer attitudes, you would have most probably focused on targeting the younger age group and missed a huge opportunity to market to the over 65s.

This type of traditional targeting using demographics is still used by many businesses today, but sooner or later there will be a big move to including consumer attitudes as foci for marketing campaigns, as well as traditional demographics.

It is fair to say that one size does not fit all and we don’t want to ignore our customer’s demographics. What we need to do is to look further afield, streamlining our marketing efforts and achieving a higher ROI than previously achievable, when we simply focused on standard demographic data.

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The 4 advantages of customize website feature for business owners

WordPress is the undisputed king of content management systems, and it comes with a lot of great features out of the box. But what about when you want something tailored to your own needs, so that it looks and functions exactly as you want it to?

Many business owners start out with a theme based website, which is perfectly fine and we provide this for the vast majority of our projects as it reduces costs for our clients.

But in many projects, at some point the features provided by WordPress or the theme simply don’t cut it anymore, and this is where custom development is required. If you don’t have the right developer working on your site, they may not even know how to write code (many so-called “developers” are really just slapping together sites in a couple of hours without knowing much more than the layperson).

Here are the main reasons business owners look for custom features with their sites:

  1. They don’t want a cookie cutter website: When you are in business, you want a website that reflects your brand, and doesn’t look exactly like thousands of other websites in existence. This can be quite difficult to achieve when you’re searching for the right theme to fit your brand. You need to alter the theme, and if you don’t understand coding you end up stuck with a website that you are not completely happy with for your business. There’s nothing wrong with using a theme (in fact, it has many benefits) but it’s important that it’s customised to fit your brand and vision.
  2. Some themes are not easy to customise: With some of the WordPress themes available, you can’t even change the colour of the fonts, and your other design options are quite limited as well. These themes are not always easy to customise and if you keep paying a developer to make custom changes, you might as well have a custom designed website (or paid for a better theme) in the first place.
  3. They’re missing a key feature: While lots of themes have a great set of features, there’s no “one size fits all”. At certain times, the client will want to be able to do something that simply isn’t supported, and here’s where your developer can step in to write the custom code.
  4. Performance is lacking: While themes are often packed with features, where they can be let down is speed and reliability. Not only that, but when you’re trying to add new features or install extra plugins, this can cause a significant lag on website loading times. Often it’s better to write one custom plugin that provides a range of features rather than install half a dozen “off the shelf” plugins and try to get them to work together.

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Does your business really need a blog?

With all the advantages of social media networking, some of our clients have questioned whether they still need a blog. After all, a blog takes time and effort to maintain, and isn’t that better spent building their social media networks?

So I thought I would take this opportunity to list 7 benefits of maintaining an active business blog, while also growing your social media channels.

  1. Branding awareness: A blog helps you to showcase your brand in your own way, without the design and layout restrictions inherent in other social media platforms.
  2. Customer engagement: You can share product updates, answer customer queries and share stories about your brand on your blog. This interaction is an easy way to increase cunsumer awareness and engagement with your brand.
  3. Blogs are great for time-poor people: It doesn’t take long to write one or two blog posts each week and respond to customer comments. Your blog is a great platform from which to promote your business and an hour or two each week is not that time consuming.
  4. Free advertising: If you write and maintain your own business blog then you have free advertising for your brand. As you build your email list, you will have more and more targeted customers who will read your blog and share your content with their friends.
  5. Increased customer insight: If you use your web analytics, it’s easy to track visitors and identify which posts visitors find most engaging, their gender, age and their geographic location.
  6. Increased exposure on social media: Blog posts, images and infographics are all very sharable across social networks, leading to increased exposure on multiple social media platforms.
  7. Improve rankings on the serps: As you successfully engage your visitors and they share your content across their social media networks, you will find that your rankings, traffic and conversions all increase.

As you can see, an active blog that contains interesting and educational information, provides your business with the opportunity to fully engage with your customers, resulting in happy customers and higher rankings.

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