Email and productivity tools

Office 365 for business

As a professional web development company that specialises in website management in Brisbane (Daisy Hill), we recommend Office 365 as an essential email and productivity tool for our clients.

With Office 365, you get business-grade communication and productivity tools which improve efficiency and security, and ensure your data is stored in the cloud for access on multiple devices.

We no longer sell Office 365 to our clients, however we still very much recommend using the service instead of the very basic email service (POP/IMAP) built into web hosting accounts.

Find out why you should upgrade to Office 365!

Why you should upgrade to Office 365

You’re overwhelmed with information

When email was first created decades ago, the goal was to allow one person to send a very brief message to another person. Fast forward to today, and people receive dozens or even hundreds of emails every day, with embedded images and file attachments.

You need a seamless solution

We also manage our emails across desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on, so the last thing anyone wants is to have to handle the same emails twice, or not be able to see all of their emails, contacts, appointments, and other information wherever they are.

You need to improve efficiency

Office 365 is the most advanced business-grade email platform on the planet. It helps you stay organised, improves efficiency, and allows your business to share documents and information easily. Everything you do in your Office 365 account is reflected across all of your devices.

Basic email only
Office 365
Email and apps

Identical data on all devices


Antivirus and spam protection

SMS messaging

Send text messages to contacts

Mailbox storage

Store 50GB of emails and data

File storage

1TB of storage per user on OneDrive

File sharing

Share files and data with your team

Fast delivery

Get emails to your Inbox sooner

Out of office

Tell contacts when you’re away

Software upgrades

Get the latest Office software

Cloud based

Easy setup; avoid data loss