Office Movers

Office Movers are a national moving company for commercial customers.


Office Movers had unfortunately engaged a, shall we say, “less than adequate” web developer to build their website a couple of years ago. Despite paying a pretty penny, the end product was horrible to look at, and riddled with issues. Even the contact form didn’t work! Our goal was simple: Build a new website that doesn’t suck. But of course, we went well beyond that and created a first-class site that puts competitors’ sites to shame.


This was a fairly straightforward project, technically speaking. We developed the new website in WordPress, including writing new content and creating a custom design.



The important thing here was not just about building a technically correct website; it was to ensure that our client didn’t continue to suffer ever-decreasing search engine rankings due to their poor website. The new site instantly resulted in a huge up-tick in traffic and their business is back on track!


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