Website care plans

Relax… we’ve got you covered with complete maintenance of your WordPress website, plus support time for fixes and changes.

We look after your website (so you don’t have to!)

Keep your website running smoothly, save time and money, and grow your business! With an initial tune-up, ongoing maintenance, plus support time every month for issues and requests, our Website Care plans cover all the bases.

If a plan doesn’t suit you, we also offer ad hoc support for when issues arise or you need one-off changes made.

Key features

Complete maintenance and support for your peace of mind.


24x7 uptime, performance, and security monitoring.


Off-site backups to protect your data.


Regular WordPress, plugin, and theme software updates.


File compression and Content Delivery Network (CDN).


Advanced security features and firewall.

Software licences

Save money with various software licences included.


Time for changes and fixes, accruing over 3 months.


Maintenance activities log and statistics snapshot.

Frequently asked questions

What can “support time” be used for?

This service is designed to help with on-site issues and changes, and general support. We proactively fix issues that we identify or our monitoring tools pick up, and also handle any requests you have. Routine maintenance work, like backups and software upgrades, doesn’t use your support time. It’s only when you have a request or an issue arises that we would track our work as support time.

Does unused support time accrue?

Yes! All unused time accrues over a rolling 3 month period. However, you can’t borrow from future months.

What happens when support time runs out?

If you’ve used all support time in the current 3 month period, we can provide a quote or spread the job across multiple months.

Can support time be shared across multiple websites?

No. Each website requires its own separate Website Care plan. However, if you have a WordPress “multi-site” then you only require one Website Care plan for all sites under that single installation.