11 ways your website is driving customers away

Many business owners shun paying for corporate web design services, instead using a free theme, along with numerous plugins, to give their company a website with the functionality they need in Brisbane. As website developers we have seen this happen time and time again, but sooner or later a poorly designed website always shows its true colours, resulting in lost business, customers and profits.

What you really need is a creative website designer who can give you the perfect website that reflects your brand and has all the functionality you need. So if you’re still sitting on the fence and not calling your local web development team in Brisbane, instead making do with a poorly designed website, you’re leaving money on the table.

Key factors that drive customers away

If your website is suffering from any of the following issues, you can be sure it is driving your customers away and losing sales and profits. Isn’t it time to invest in corporate web design services for your business?

  1. Slow loading: Slow websites turn shoppers away, so this needs to be fixed ASAP.
  2. Features not working: This can happen due to plugin clashes. Your website developers can fix these problems for you.
  3. Poor navigation: Good corporate web design needs a simple and informative navigation menu, so visitors can find what they want immediately.
  4. Broken links: These need to be checked and fixed weekly.
  5. Poor marketing messages: Not getting your marketing messages across to visitors can be a problem with poor design and copy.
  6. Missing CTAs: Not taking advantage of prime spots for your CTAs is another way you are losing customers and profits.
  7. Auto playing videos: Videos and audio that play as soon as the site opens are old hat, old fashioned and extremely annoying. Don’t do it!
  8. Ads or popups: Too many ads and popups interfere with a positive shopping experience, so be judicious in the size, type and placement of them.
  9. Too much text: Page after page of text is boring, so break it up with good design and plenty of images.
  10. Not responsive: With so many people shopping online via their mobile devices, there is no excuse for not having a responsive website.
  11. Missing contact details: You have no idea how often a website doesn’t have their contact details on the home page!

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How will changes to Google’s star ratings system affect you?

It goes without saying that just about every business could do with more traffic to their websites, which is why so many business owners engage our company for website design and management services. When you work with an agency who specialises in both WordPress web development and related marketing services, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can rest assured that your rankings and traffic will increase over time.

So what has this got to do with Google’s star ratings?

Well, even though you may have a wonderful WordPress site with the very best web development underpinning it, if you don’t have a handle on your online reputation and presence in search engines, you could be in serious trouble.

Why can Google’s star rating lose you customers?

For a long time now, Google has used a star rating system, where 1 to 5 stars can be shown next to each website address in the search results. When you use our SEO services, this is one of the optimisation techniques we pay attention to for our clients.

These stars are based on the quality of the reviews your business receives on their Google+ page, and until recently you needed at least 5 reviews for these stars to show in the search results. Now however, Google has reduced this to 1 review, so you’re instantly visible as soon as anyone leaves a review.

While only needing one good review will now give you a 5 star Google rating, one bad review can get you just 1 single star, and we all know that shoppers pay attention to these star ratings. It’s a no-brainer to say that if a shopper sees two websites in Google — one with 5 stars and the other with 1 star — they will opt for the 5 star website every time.

This is why you need to encourage as many reviews as possible on your Google+ page, so that if by chance, you receive a negative review, it will be counter balanced by all of the good reviews. This is something we regularly put into practice with our clients, as just one of the strategies we include in our website design, website management, and digital marketing services.

Get more positive reviews today

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How to maximise the value of your website traffic

Are you struggling to bring in more visitors to your website? What if we told you that you may not need to?

As a provider of search engine optimisation (SEO) services, we know that the lifeblood of a website is traffic. To achieve this, businesses will generally use any combination of Google AdWords advertising, SEO, social media, and other media channels. However, getting more people to your website is only part of the job.

Maximising the value of every visitor is where you can seriously start to build brand loyalty and improve your profit margins. Here are two ways to achieve this:

1. Get repeat visits to your website

How often have you surfed the net looking for a particular product, and sometime after that you see an ad for that product on Facebook? This is known as “remarketing”, and is a very successful way to encourage previous visitors to return to your website to make a purchase. Remarketing is simply a way of working out what brought visitors to your website in the first place, then presenting them with your ads as they continue to browse other sites on the Internet.

Any good digital marketing agency will include remarketing in their offerings, because most visitors don’t buy on their first visit, and need time to do more research before making their buying decision. Remarketing to these visitors gives them this time and brings them back to your website when they’re ready.

2. Convert more visitors into customers

One of the most important factors in conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is your sales funnel and this includes the design, layout and navigation of your website. Visitors now want fast websites with relevant and concise content, a clear menu system and full security. All of this means that you need the best hosting packages, a fast checkout process, and an SSL certificate for an improved customer experience.

Are you getting the most out of your website visitors?

With a limited budget, hitting two birds with one stone is an excellent business decision. Leveraging the expertise of a professional SEO agency can increase your value for money by bringing in more traffic and increasing your profits, using well established remarketing and conversion optimisation techniques.

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