Top tips on maximising contact page conversions

It’s no secret that Brisbane web designers can play a massive role in increasing conversions on your website. That’s because the main aim of just about every website is to drive conversions, whether that’s donations, sales, or leads.

Websites can achieve conversions in many ways, but one of the most obvious strategies is via the contact page. This page is vitally important to your conversions, but many contact pages are extremely underutilised. It’s no wonder that conversions are low when a contact page doesn’t contain much more than a phone number and address.

At GO Creative, our team of web designers in Brisbane understand the importance of your contact page, which is why it’s an essential step in our website design process. So how does the design of your contact page help to increase conversions and what’s everyone missing?

Essentials steps web designers recommend

There are a multitude of ways web designers can create a high converting contact page. Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at the absolute basics you need from your contact page.

  • Make your contact page easy to find in your top menu, not just in your footer.
  • Add enough text and options to direct your visitors to the answers they need.
  • Check your grammar and spelling.
  • Include easy access to your social media pages.
  • Keep your contact form short, requiring few details.
  • Include your phone number and address.
  • Make your email and phone number clickable.
  • Include your store’s address in Google maps.
  • Ensure that all your contact details throughout your website are correct.
  • Make sure your contact details are correct in Google My Business.
  • Match the aesthetics of your contact page to your brand.


Essentially, you want your contact page to be easy to read, clear and not overly filled with information. A lot of white space is necessary on a contact page so that you don’t confuse your visitors. That’s why the website design process is so important, because you want to encourage your visitors to make contact with you, not turn them away because the page is too confusing or unhelpful. At GO Creative we use Gravity Forms to make sure your clients never experience this type of frustration.

Website design processes that make your page stand out

The above basics will help you create a contact page that gets the job done, but for it to be awesome – you need the input of professional web designers. That’s because it takes skill, experience and attention to detail to put together a well-developed website design. Brisbane developers are highly skilled at creating amazing contact pages, so here’s the GO Creative team’s tips for giving your contact a magical touch!

1. Make your contact page easy to find

We’ve mentioned this already in the basics listed above, but we’ve decided to include it here as well, because it’s a point that needs to be driven home. It’s likely that you have visited a website and been frustrated at not finding their contact details, so you can understand why it’s so important to get this right. This means that you need your contact page to be in the main menu, as well as the footer for good measure. 

You can also include a floating ‘Can we help?’  button that pops up when visitors start to scroll down any of the pages on your website. As an additional point here, it’s important to remember that for smartphone users, they will have to scroll forever down a page to reach your footer – if that’s the only link to your contact page, which will be very frustrating!

2. Make your contact page match your brand colours

All Brisbane web designers know that colour is a very important aspect of website design, but you need to use these colours correctly. Certain colours have been shown to increase conversions, whilst others enhance trustworthiness. So while these particular colours might not match your brand exactly, experienced web designers can weave them into your contact page while still being true to your brand colours.

3. Make your contact page personalised 

When a visitor has become interested enough to click on your contact page, it means that they have already engaged with your brand. So why not up the ante and personalise this page to give them even more reasons to follow through and contact you?

An easy way to do this is to add actual images of your customer service team, so your visitor knows who they will be contacting. Another option is to add a stock image of a person who matches the persona of your brand. These additions to your contact page can make your brand much more approachable, which is a great step forward.

4. Make your contact page relevant

All Brisbane web designers understand the relevance of contact pages, but it can seem confusing at first. After all, isn’t the relevance of this page self-explanatory? Well yes, but it can be even more relevant to your visitors by giving them options and drilling down to identify the type of help they actually need.

That’s why you see on some of the more successful websites a list of options on their contact page, because not all visitors have the same needs. Some visitors will want to ask about one of your products or services, others might want to know more about pricing, yet others might want information about their accounts for example. 

If you provide relevant options on your contact page, you make their visit more personal and you show your visitors that you care about their experience on your website. Visitors also know that they will be able to contact someone who can actually answer their questions or provide the information they require.

Other options for your contact page include adding links to your FAQ page or even a list of How-To videos that might be more relevant to your visitors. That’s because your visitors want information, which might be more easily presented via a video or FAQ page. This type of dynamic contact page can be extremely useful in driving new leads, sales or donations to your website.

Professional website design in Brisbane

The best way to customise your contact page is to contact a professional website design team in Brisbane, such as GO Creative. We can help you create a first rate contact page that matches your brand and helps generate leads and drive sales to your business.

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