The benefit of having a custom-designed website for your business

As a website developer in Brisbane, our team here at GO Creative know just how important a custom-designed website is for businesses looking to grow.

Nowadays, there’s no lack of cookie-cutter and generic templates for budding business owners to use when creating their website. But in a digital age where every corporate empire and mum-and-pop corner store has an online presence, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out on the World Wide Web.

Custom vs generic web design services

What do we mean when we talk about customised websites? When a web designer starts to put together a new site for a business, they take into accounts a whole range of different factors, including:

  • The business’s unique goals
  • The business’s needs and preferences
  • The brand identity
  • Best practice in online user experience and design
  • The sales process or funnel (especially in ecommerce website design)
  • The target market

These factors can inform and affect everything from the design of the website aesthetically, to its layout and functionality. Web design companies in Brisbane, and across the country for that matter, who are worth their salt take into account the unique and personalised needs of a client.

Contrast this with a generic website template. As mentioned before, these are widely and often freely available. Quick, cheap and nasty, they don’t really fit any specific business which makes them ideal for no one.

If you’re looking to optimise your website’s performance and appeal, a generic website design with limited flexibility may save you a buck today, but it will cost you in ‘Return on Investment’ down the line.

The Advantages of a Custom Website

It’s no secret that turning to a web design company to design a customised and personalised website is going to take more time, effort and (in the short term) money than just falling back on one of the generic, run-of-the-mill templates available.

So, why do it?

1. Unique Branding

Where once a website may have been seen as merely an advertising platform or just an extension of a business, in the 21st Century it is an essential component of a company. In the same way as brick-and-mortar stores represent a brand, so do websites nowadays.

A custom-designed website provides the flexible canvas on which you–with the help of a professional web designer–can create something on-brand and unique. Everything from infusing the copywriting with personality, to incorporating the preferences of your target audience into the design, can be personalised and optimised with a custom website.

Generic websites, on the other hand, might have limited colours, fonts or graphics, which can limit not just the visual appeal of your online presence and professional aesthetic, or contrast with your business’s branding, but fail to make you stand out from the crowd of an oversaturated online market.

2. Better User Experience

User experience (or UX) is the critical component of a website’s design that takes into account–unsurprisingly considering the name–the experience of the website user. Even the most gorgeous looking websites with bright colours and happy pictures can turn otherwise willing customers away if they cannot navigate through the options, easily proceed to checkout or find the information they need.

Custom designed websites are built from the ground up with not just your needs in mind but the needs and preferences of your target market. Ensuring that the user experience is heightened and improved will help encourage higher conversion rates, greater website traffic satisfaction and ultimately more customers for you!

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the bread and butter of digital marketing. The better your website is optimised, the higher you’ll appear in organic search engine rankings on platforms like Google.

Web design companies keep in mind best SEO practices when building a custom website so that it is far easier and effective to actually rank highly in any given search. Unlike generic websites, a custom-designed and built website has the foundational SEO necessities baked into it from the outset, so you’re best positioned to increase more traffic to your webpages.

4. Scalability & Flexibility

Businesses grow, change and evolve, and it’s essential that your website reciprocate in kind. Most generic websites simply lack the ability to scale and flexibility in design and function to allow the sorts of growth and changes you need.

Whether it’s adding new features, updating the copy and content, or just expanding your website’s functionality, having a custom-designed website is critical for allowing your website to complement the upwards trajectory of your business.

5. Gain a competitive edge

We’ve alluded and mentioned this advantage a few times now but it bears cementing. In 2023, having a website is no longer an option: It’s a necessity.

But that means that your business is likely one of many that are vying for a little prime real estate online and one of many trying to attract new visitors and customers. Working with a website developer who can build a unique and professional website for your specific needs, will provide you with a competitive edge that generic templates simply can’t match.

Work with the top website developer in Brisbane: GO Creative!

We understand the level of investment that goes into a custom website which is why our web developers here at GO spare no effort in ensuring the very best website, personalised for each customer that walks through our doors.

From personalised branding to customised functionality and ultimate flexibility to enhanced user experience, we’ll work with you to ensure that your new corporate website design complements your business goals and growth.

If you’d like to have a no-obligation and no-cost chat with one of our local Brisbane-based website developers, just reach out to our team today.


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