Why colour selection in websites is vital to conversions

As a web design company in Brisbane, one of our top priorities for our clients’ websites is selecting appropriate colour combinations. You might think that our priority should be to make sure that all of the code is perfect, and of course this is one of our main priorities, but the aesthetics of a website can be just as important for conversions as the code, speed, and so on.

Corporate web design services are an important part of the GO Creative offerings and we do our very best to ensure that all of our clients are happy with their websites. This is why we pay so much attention to colour selection, because if we select the wrong colour combinations, the websites may not generate as many enquiries or sales as they should.

Why is colour so important?

Research has shown that people respond differently to different colours, and we are so susceptible to colours that as far as websites are concerned, we can click away very quickly if we don’t like the colours. We can all appreciate that colours affect the way we feel, giving us a positive or a negative feeling and as a web design company, we are very conscious of the effect that colour can have on the success or failure of a website.

How do you select the best colours for your website?

Since our subconscious plays such a big part in whether we like a certain colour or not, it can sometimes be difficult to select the right colours for a website. As part of our corporate web design services, we often use split testing, as this can help our clients decide which colours increase their conversions.

Apart from split testing, there are a number of ways you can decide which colours to use on your website. For example, for environmentally friendly products you might use green, rather than bright red. On the other hand, red might be great for a website that sells kid’s toys or bikes.

Orange is better for websites selling or promoting food products, yellow is often used for sites that promote leisure activities as it gives us a positive and happy feeling, black is often used for creative sites such as those used to promote art or photography, and blue is suitable for web development companies or sites selling high-tech products, because it promotes trust.

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