How WordPress webdeveloper specialist protect website from hacker

Are you’re in the market for a WordPress web development specialist? Well, before you select a website designer for your website, it’s a sensible idea to ask them about cyber crimes and specifically, how they will protect your website from being hacked.

Is cyber crime really a threat to small business websites?

Cyber crime is a growing industry, affecting small business websites just as much as large multi-national sites. It has even been estimated that by 2021, we will have spent $1 trillion USD globally on cyber security. Hackers send our malicious programming code (scripts) which scour the internet for sites with security vulnerabilities, and automatically hack them. This means small business websites are often some of the most vulnerable since they don’t have the website budget that larger organisations do.

The last thing you want is to have your new website hacked, all because the WordPress web development team you hired didn’t have a specific plan to protect your website from threats. The best web design firms will recognise this problem and openly discuss how they will protect your site from opportunistic hacking.

Look beyond website aesthetics

While it pays to find the best web agency for your new website based on how their folio of websites look and function, you also need to find one that has a plan to prevent your site from being hacked.

At GO Creative, we have a sensible and practical plan that we put in place for all of our websites, aimed at minimising the probability that hackers can compromise the website. The following are some of the steps we can put in place to prevent your website from being hacked:

  • Configure your hosting account and install the highest level security plugins.
  • Lock down specific files from being accessed or edited by unauthorised visitors.
  • Automatically block visitors who access the website too frequently to be considered legitimate users.
  • Set up monitoring software to receive notifications about suspicious activity on the website.
  • Set up third party security tools to block attacks on the fly.
  • Ensure that only very strong usernames and passwords are used on all accounts.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (e.g. receive a code on your phone to be able to log in).
  • In extreme cases we can block specific addresses of computers or networks which look suspicious.

There is much more that a good WordPress web development team can do to protect your website, and we’ll discuss these with you during the design stage of your new website.

If you’re looking for a website designer who can not only give you a high-quality website focused on high conversions, but also treats cyber security as a priority, call us on 07 3333 2932 or get an instant quote online.

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