Do quality photos really matter on your website?

You probably already know that to get the best result, you need a professional web design agency to create your website. We build and work on websites every day, and have done for more than 15 years. One of the issues we face most consistently is the quality of images. Many of our clients don’t have high-resolution photos, and this can make or break a website design.

Who wants to pay for a professionally designed website and then reduce its effectiveness and professionalism with amateur photos? Even the latest smartphones don’t cut it. The quality of an image comes from not just the number of pixels, but countless other factors such as appropriate lighting, focus, depth of field, subject positioning, and more. Stock photos (generally) and professional photographers cover these bases and more, so it’s well worth the investment.

Here are four compelling reasons to bite the bullet and invest in high quality photos for your website:

  1. Subconscious effects: When we think of “quality”, we think of professionalism, expertise and value. This means that high quality photos and imagery help to give your visitors these same feelings about your business.
  2. Consistency across media: Using the same high quality photos and images across all of your media (website, flyers and signage) multiplies this feeling of professionalism and consistency to your customers.
  3. No ongoing costs: Depending on where you buy stock images, you might have to pay ongoing royalties and you certainly have to buy them initially anyway. However, when you take your own photos, you own them and you don’t have to pay anyone else to use them. (By the way, we can supply stock photos with no ongoing royalties.)
  4. Scaling up: Most images taken on smartphones and consumer-grade digital cameras won’t be suitable size/resolution to reproduce at larger scales, such as on building signage or pull-up banners. It’s important that whatever images you use, you can carry them across all of your marketing materials (as mentioned above), so you have to go for the best resolution options.

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