Helpful tips to help improve your website’s product descriptions

So you have yourself an online store, yet you’re not generating the sales you'd like. What can you do to improve this?

So you have yourself an online store, yet you’re not generating the sales you’d like. What can you do to improve this?

Apart from promoting your website with techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords, have you considered improving the content of your site, and in particular the product descriptions?

If you are generating decent traffic to your site, then you may need to consider how you are spruiking your products to visitors. Here are some simple tips that may be useful to you in helping convert a potential customer into a paying one, based purely on the descriptions of your products.

Be descriptive

Okay, this sounds a bit obvious, right? It’s a product description after all, but there are so many online stores that don’t actually describe the product. Help the customer imagine that they are really holding the product in their hands and using it. Describe features like its texture, grip, strength, even smell – it all helps the customer imagine that they are in a physical store and reviewing their purchase.

Exciting products sell

Keep your descriptions fun and interesting. Don’t worry too much about formalities and feel free to throw in a splash of humour. Every customer is a human being, and humans like to be entertained.

Be unique

Don’t just copy and paste your descriptions from the manufacturer’s website or product manual. Have a go at writing the descriptions yourself to keep the content not only interesting, but to keep your site’s content different from all the other competitors using the same text. This also helps your SEO too. Just make sure you proof-read your content for spelling errors before publishing.

Simple and easy text

There is no need to over-complicate your descriptions. Customers can be impatient or pressed for time. Don’t spend five paragraphs when two lines will do. Bullet points and subheadings can be your friend here to help break up the content and make it easy to read.

Allow product reviews

Nothing beats word-of-mouth and other customers’ experiences to help drive a sale. Open your website up to allow product reviews and social interaction. If your products are worthy of buying, people will want to share their positive experiences. This can be scary at first, but it also helps you out too in sourcing only the best products. All feedback helps you improve your products and services.

What’s so good about it?

Think about this question while writing the production description. What sets it apart from the alternatives? Why should your customers fork out their hard-earned cash for this product? Answer this and tell them why they need it. Answer the customer’s questions before they ask them.


SEO is not just about your homepage – search engines usually crawl all your pages, so think about using phrases that could potentially have been used by a person searching the internet for this type of product. Relevant words help customers land onto your products page(s). For example, if you sell blue widgets to Brisbane customers, you might try to use the phrase “blue widgets in Brisbane” within the text. Of course, nothing beats research so it is very worthwhile looking at engaging an SEO provider to help identify which phrases should be used.

Hopefully employing these tips, with your own personality and branding, plus high quality photos, will be enough to entice your customers to place their order and increase your online business revenue.

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