How can real time data save time and money on pest management?

The value of real-time data

In the modern world and technological economy, more and more emphasis is being put on real time data and innovation marketing.

What is real time data? It’s actually exactly what it sounds like. It’s information, or data, that is delivered instantaneously after being gathered with no delay.

As technology has progressed and both data collection and delivery methods have improved exponentially, having real time data available to make informed and strategic business decisions is no longer a luxury but an essential.

The same applies to the pest monitoring and management industry. After all, when it comes to real time data, you just can’t have enough, but when it comes to pests, you simply can’t have too few.

How can real time data save time and money on pest control?

Save on costs

A digital real time data strategy can help you save on monitoring costs, as well as pesticide and other treatment costs that might be necessary.

Prevention vs cure

Managing pest risks through data can help you prevent pest issues from spiralling out of control rather than relying on simply ‘cures’ after a problem has been detected.

Peace of mind

Accurate, real time information about your pest situation offers invaluable peace of mind as you can monitor whatever you need to, whenever you need to do it, without time-consuming trap monitoring or other pest management techniques.


Scalability is important, and finding a cost effective and economical way to scale is a huge part of that process. Using real time data you can easily scale your operations in a simple and affordable way.

Case Study: RapidAIM

If you’re looking for an example of how real time data can help save time, effort and money when it comes to pet monitoring and management, make sure to check out RapidAIM. This award-winning start-up has been featured in CSIRO news for its easy to use, low maintenance and highly dependable data app.

Completely digital, all it takes is a downloaded app and a couple of QR code scans, and you’ll be live monitoring and data gathering in minutes. RapidAIM counts numerous crop protection companies as well as growers themselves amongst their customer base, providing testament to the highly effective nature of their data technology. With unique sensor technology you can gather accurate data for pest management and monitoring without cumbersome equipment, time consuming old school methods or high expenditure.

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Of course, it isn’t just pest control and management businesses that are benefitting from the evolution of technology and market innovations.

An increasingly digital world and easier access to ever-improving technology means that more and more small-to-medium businesses can start to enjoy affordable, scalable and agile solutions to the problems of yesteryear.

If you’re interested in anything from real-time data solutions to innovation marketing and digital trends, click here to learn more.

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