How quality website developer Brisbane justify their hourly rate?

A quick Google search will turn up the minimum rates for website developers in Brisbane, ranging from $20/hr to $200+ per hour. Overseas freelancers can charge as little as $10/hr or even less, so how do you know if the price you have been quoted is going to get you the results you’re looking for?

The problem is that there are many ways to use custom coding to achieve the same results on websites, but essentially, you will pay more for an experienced website developer in Brisbane, than for a young junior who is wet behind the ears. Without a doubt, not all Brisbane website developers are equal, and you need to spend some time comparing their prices and their experience.

Experienced vs inexperienced web developers

Experienced web developers know how to achieve the best results quickly and efficiently. A young and inexperienced web developer in Brisbane is more likely to make mistakes that you may not ever notice, and overlook important considerations that are not picked up until it’s too late. They also have a habit of not planning ahead which can cause long delays, not knowing what questions to ask to ensure that all of your features are included in your website, writing inefficient code causing your site to run slowly, and so on. Some of this is purely due to inexperience, but that doesn’t help you if you are on the receiving end.

Comparing apples to apples

When you receive website quotes, and some web developers seem high compared to other quotes, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re paying more for the same thing. There are so many factors involved in developing high quality websites, so the packages offered will vary considerably. It’s not as straightforward as comparing quotes from, say, a concreter. With websites, there are many different software packages and configurations available, and many ways to achieve the same thing. There are also considerations about training, support, warranties, location, and other factors outside of simply providing you with a website.

Always do your research and investigate who will be working on your website, and whether they are experienced or not. After all, there is little point in paying $10/hr for a poorly constructed and inefficient website, even if it looks great, because in the end, your website needs to convert visitors into paying customers. And first, they need to find the website!

How is website pricing structured?

The majority of quality website developers in Brisbane charge by the project, which can be much more cost-effective if the project overruns its deadline. Websites with higher price tags are generally built by more experienced website developers, because they need to be reimbursed for their time, skills and experience. There may also be overheads associated with larger web design agencies, compared to freelancers. But you’re essentially paying for reliability too. It’s incredible how often we hear about web developers who have simply dropped off the face of the earth.

Checking that your chosen website developer is indeed experienced and warrants the higher costs is something that comes down to opening a dialogue and asking some pointed questions. In the end, you need to match your budget with the best web developer you can find, so don’t opt for the cheapest, as you might regret this decision sooner rather than later.

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