How mechanics can grow their business with a cutting edge website

At GO Creative, we make it a priority to stay at the top of our game. In Brisbane, web development is a very competitive industry and we know that our clients expect a website which will deliver a strong return on their investment.

We work with many local small businesses, and today we’re going to take a look at the process of designing websites for mechanics. First, we will look at some of the features mechanics need in their websites. Then, we’ll share two examples of mechanics who have recently used our web design services and have noticed significant increases in new customers and repeat business.

Vital features for mechanic websites

1. Automations

One of the features that mechanics find very useful on their website are automations, such as:

  • taking online bookings
  • taking online payments
  • automatic booking reminders
  • automatic service reminders for customers
  • online forms for customers to submit their vehicle details.

Saving a few minutes here and there really adds up over time, especially for mobile mechanics who might not have a full time receptionist to handle those bits and pieces.

As you can imagine, a mechanic doesn’t have much time for paperwork. This is why we research the most innovative and time saving automations and include these in our web design services in Brisbane. Individualised web development is one way that mechanics can differentiate themselves and make their websites stand out among the competition.

2. Social proof

One way to build trust in potential customers, and in turn increase sales, is using social proof. This can be done by displaying customer testimonials on the website:

  • from social media feeds
  • from Google
  • from third party review platforms
  • directly using the website software.

To encourage more reviews, one option is to create a page which highlights the social media sites used by the mechanic. Then include some simple steps for customers, explaining how they can leave a review on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. This can help build trust on those platforms, as well as your website (if you’re displaying them on the site), and can even help with your ranking in search engines such as Google.

Mechanics who have used our web design services

Below are just a couple of websites we’ve created for mechanics in Brisbane. They both needed contemporary designs to showcase their businesses, and with some of the additional features we’ve set up, their businesses are running more efficiently than ever before.

Premium Mechanical Services: This website is a good example of automated forms, as it has online forms for reviews, online payments, testimonials, a downloadable maintenance guide, and a contact form that includes space for a vehicle’s details. Dean is a mobile mechanic in Brisbane and doesn’t have time for paperwork, as he is on the road all day, so these automated forms have not only reduced his admin workload, but have also increased his efficiency. This is a good example of how our our business offers — whether for tradespeople or corporate — web design services that can truly improve a business. It’s certainly made Dean’s life as a mobile mechanic a lot easier!

Steve Sorensen Mechanical: This mechanic’s old website was very outdated and didn’t adequately showcase their wide service offerings. We had built their past site, but that was way back in 2012 and a lot has changed since then, both in terms of technology and also expectations of website visitors (design, navigation, mobile-friendliness, etc). Using our specialised web design services, Steve Sorensen Mechanical now has a modern and easily navigable website that clearly highlights their services, showcases recent reviews, and encourages customers to leave reviews on Google and other social media platforms. With an online booking facility, customers can easily contact the workshop, discuss their problems and book their vehicles in for a repair or service.

If you’re a mechanic and would like to discuss how our corporate web design services can help increase your profits and free up your time, why not chat with us today? It’s free and there are no obligations.

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