How much does it cost to redesign a site?

Are you looking for an affordable website design? Well, your costs will depend on a number of factors, including who redesigns your website, its size and its complexity. To give you a rough guide, it can cost up to $40,000 for a large multinational website redesign, but before you fall over in a dead-faint, your redesign doesn’t have to be this expensive.

Whoever you chose to redesign your website, you want it to be modern, fast, mobile friendly, aesthetically pleasing and optimised for the search engines. Of course, you can put together your own website, and create a very affordable website design, but unless you know what you are doing, it will most probably look very similar to everyone else’s website. 

This isn’t the best idea, because you want to stand out from the competition, but at its most basic level, it will probably cost you less than $100 to pull together. Themeforest and the Genesis Framework are two popular choices. 

Hiring a freelance web designer

If you don’t want to tackle designing your own website yourself, but you want an affordable website design, you might consider hiring a freelancer. Normally, you would expect a well-designed high quality website from freelancers, but the rush of overseas freelance web designers has meant that many of them are not highly qualified or experienced. 

Another problem can be that they lack experience with SEO, so whilst your website’s redesign may look awesome, it hasn’t been optimised for the search engines. Obviously, this will cost you more money if you need to hire someone else to fix this for you. Also, freelancers often also don’t stay around for long when you have paid them their money, provide low quality sites, and don’t offer customer support. 

Your costs for a redesign using a freelancer can range from anywhere between $2000 to $15,000, depending on the complexity of the design. With costs this high, you need to be very careful who you choose, because freelancers can be a mixed bag, so make sure to do your research well

Hiring a professional development agency

This is the ideal solution for a high quality business website that also offers an affordable website design. Yes, some companies can charge you up to $40,000 for a site redesign, but if you only want a small start-up website, you can often pay just a few thousand dollars for a top-quality site. 

When you hire a professional developer, you will have a customised site that can easily compete with your competitors; it will be full-featured, and optimised for the search engines and for your customers. Development companies also offer other services, such as hosting, ongoing SEO, ongoing site maintenance and management, and can help you to rank well in the search engines, drive more traffic to your website and increase your conversions.

All of these services are additional costs, but it’s a sensible idea to have a developer design, manage and maintain your website, as well as fix any problems that might occur in the future.As you can see, there are many ways to find an affordable website design for your new business website, but sometimes you need to balance the final product with the cost you are being asked to pay; often quality is more important than cost.

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