How Web Designers price their products and services

Are you hoping to setup a website for your small business in Brisbane? Web development is a complicated area, so you most probably want a professional and experienced company to design your website. To help you understand the costs of web development, we have put together 7 factors that will influence these costs, so you can better understand your developer’s quote.

1. What type of website do you need?

A simple website that doesn’t take online payments and has a total of 5 pages is going to cost a lot less than a large ecommerce website that has custom features. This means that your first step is to decide what type of website you need, because this will have a profound effect on your web development costs in Brisbane

2. Do you need a domain name & SSL?

Given that your domain name is going to cost you less than $50, it’s not really a financial concern, but you also need to decide if you need an SSL certificate. These are essential for online payments or when you collect personal information on your website, but there are different SSLs, so you need to know which one you need.

3. Do you need hosting? 

Brisbane web developers often offer clients their own hosting packages, which can be cheaper than the big companies. These hosting packages will add an additional cost to your quote, but sometimes it’s best to keep all your eggs in one basket!

4. Do you need customised website design?

Opting for a template designed by a web developer in Brisbane will be cheaper than a customised site that is specifically tailored to your business needs. The decision is yours, but at GO Creative, it’s not unusual for new clients to have already tried working with a generic template and realised that it wasn’t one of their best ideas. They then ask us to create a customised website that better suits their business model.

5. Do you need SEO and copywriting?

A website needs copy that is grammatically correct, optimised for search engines and engages visitors, so if you aren’t sure of your own abilities, it might be best to find a copywriter in Brisbane. Web developers often have their own copywriters and can quote you for writing the copy, which will be optimised for search engines, but it will increase your costs, depending on how much copy is required.

6. Do you need multimedia integration? 

Multimedia includes high quality images, videos, podcasts, downloadable pdfs, and interactive elements. Whether you need any of these features will depend on your business and how you need to present it online. Obviously, the more multimedia options you require, the greater your costs.

7.Do you want ongoing assistance?

Not knowing how to fix your website if it crashes or if there is a conflict between plugins can be very frustrating. Keeping your SEO and content strategy updated is also a big issue for many small business owners, which is why ongoing maintenance can be included in your package in Brisbane. Web developers are usually happy to help maintain your website, particularly if they have designed it themselves. 

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