Is web design dead?

With sites like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify, many people are suggesting that web design has become irrelevant and is no longer necessary, and by all accounts – is simply dead. In reality, web design in Brisbane is more alive than ever before, because people don’t simply want cookie cutter websites that only offer a few customisations, they want highly customisable designs that can be tailored to their exact needs.

Why web design in Brisbane is alive and well

We have noticed that business owners have higher expectations by the day, not just in terms of the aesthetics of their website, but in its usability and its features. Most business owners recognise that using cookie cutter templates, instead of a professional web design company in Brisbane, often results in a “nice” looking website, but the additional insight provided by a professional web developer always results in more leads, sales and revenue.

This is because web design isn’t just about choosing the right colour scheme or having a professional logo. It’s about the positioning of elements and ensuring that the most important of these elements are front and centre, whilst not drowning out the rest of the page’s content.

Whitespace is another key element that professional developers use to highlight key information, along with other important factors, such as the quality and structure of the copy, page hierarchy, loading times, and so on.

Branding is a vital part of any business website, but is usually very difficult to achieve when customisations are severely limited by the companies that provide website builders and hosting as a package (Squarespace, etc.).

On the other hand, a web design expert can use all of their skills and experience to craft a website that perfectly represents your brand, taking into consideration all of the above factors, which ultimately means better results for your Brisbane business. So while there are DIY tools out there in cyberspace, they’re best used for micro or hobby businesses that don’t have the budget or the need to invest in a professional and customised business website.

For everyone else, hiring a professional web design company in Brisbane will provide a much better return on investment than simply settling for a generic website design.

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