Say hello to our new brand!

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After more than 20 years in business, and constantly evolving, we decided the time was right to refresh our brand. Of course, a brand encompasses far more than just a new logo and colour scheme.

Something we’ve been focusing on behind the scenes for many years without it being “official” is doing our part to “put people and the planet before profit”.

When it comes to helping people, we offer generous discounts for not-for-profit organisations, sponsor local sports and community clubs, and partner with organisations who align with our values. We also help both people and the planet through our tree-planting program and carbon-neutral web hosting services.

Lastly, to continue to do good things that make a genuine and lasting difference, we really need to understand what our clients and community need, hence our new mantra: “We listen”. Once we know the problem, we can create the solution.

With the logo, our new primary colour, green, represents a fresh start, new energy, and our focus on environmental sustainability. The circles are “balls” which embody the playful and fun personality of GO Creative, and convey the idea of movement. This ties in with our principle of helping businesses to go forward and pivot. The arrangement of the balls also forms a lowercase “g” and “o”, building the word “go”.

You’ll see our new branding rolling out everywhere very soon. In the meantime, we’ve given our website and social media channels an update, and a whole new website will be launched early in 2022.

We’re very excited about the changes and will continue to provide our clients with the best service in the industry!


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