Six insider tips on making the most out of your AdWords campaigns

As a small business owner, competing with the big multinationals for AdWords can be disheartening and can cost you far more money than you anticipated. In the long run, if your AdWords campaigns pay off, then it has all been worth it, but you can’t guarantee a positive ROI with AdWords.

So here are 6 insider guidelines that will help you to put together a successful AdWords promotion.

  1. Is AdWords for you? Over time, AdWords has shown to be more effective for businesses that sell lucrative products or services, rather than lower priced items. For example, if your price per item or service is generally less than $100, then you might struggle with AdWords.
  2. Competition is good: If there is a lot of competition in your area, then funnily enough, this can be good for your AdWords campaign, rather than a problem. This is because with a properly structured AdWords campaign, you can make your business stand out above the competition, instead of disappearing into the pack.
  3. Are you local? Many customers specifically search for businesses in their locality. This means that having your address on your landing page or demonstrating your links to the area in some way, ticks a box that larger multinationals miss, because they have no real association with the local area.
  4. Focused landing pages: When a searcher clicks on your Ad and they reach your landing page, make sure that it gives them all of the information they need to pick up the phone, make an appointment or buy your products. Your landing page is meant to convert your visitors into paying customers, so make sure it serves this purpose.
  5. Transparency: Many businesses come and go, but the ones that remain build relationships with their clients by being transparent. This means that you are not afraid of attention, so add client testimonials to your website, as well as information about your business’s history, your staff and yourself of course.
  6. Call to actions: Don’t confuse people and give them too many options on your landing page. Simply give them one action to take, whether that is to phone, email, subscribe to your newsletter or to buy your products.

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