The fragrant smell of success

Here’s the good news about working remotely and smells that go woof – you can exercise at lunchtime, ixnay on the shower and deodorant, eat tuna and hard boiled eggs and wear old lady perfume (Shalimar anyone? Apologies if that is your go-to fume), and nobody will Pepe Le Pew you! But does sitting amidst that funk help with productivity, creativity and motivation?

Our sense of smell is so powerful that it can shape and drive different behaviours. Certain scents can actually drive productivity at work by helping you feel energized and refreshed. A pleasant scent has the power to improve mood up to 40%.

Scents are so powerful they have the ability to evoke both positive and negative psychological states of mind. How many times have you smelled something that reminded you of your childhood and made you feel warm and safe? Or what about the times that something smelled so bad that it made you move away or leave a room (SBD’s anyone? Do I need to womansplain that to you?)

Though we often process smells unconsciously, we can harness the power of smell to our advantage and use it to shape our emotional, physical and mental state. Following is a list of scents that can help drive productivity, and make your workspace aromatic.

Rosemary – Increases alertness and improves memory – decrease stress hormone cortisol
Lavender – Recharges the brain and improves concentration – decrease stress hormone cortisol
Coffee – Enhances analytical reasoning and promotes attentiveness
Lemon – Arouses the senses and decreases errors
Jasmine – Re-energizes the body and lifts the mood
Citrus – Increases alertness and shortens response times
Cinnamon – Heightens attention and increases motor responses
Peppermint – Sustained attention and enhances memory accuracy
Ginger – Fights fatigue and eases pain
Pine – Elevates the mood and increases alertness
Lemongrass – Reduces stress and eases anxiety

You can add these scents to your workspace in various ways:

– Oil diffusers for essential oils
– Candles – Dusk candles last longer than most other candles
– Reed diffusers
– Room sprays
– Or the real deal. Add a pot of rosemary or lavender to your workspace or leave out some cinnamon sticks or coffee beans/grounds.

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