The single most important thing about your website design

One of the reasons why business owners don’t have a website is often because they think it’s all too complicated and difficult. Well, on the one hand they would be right, but on the other hand they would also be wrong. 

They are right in thinking that creating and designing a website is a very complex process, but they don’t have to do it. Instead, it’s the job of web design companies in Brisbane to develop business websites. Once developed, they then hand over a quality website that is easy to manage to the business owner. So everyone is right!

How do web design companies in Brisbane develop a website? 

Unless you have created a website from scratch yourself, you have no real idea of the complexity that is involved. This is why it takes years to become a fully-fledged developer, because it requires expert knowledge, skill and a good amount of talent to create a quality website that meets a client’s every need.

You might be surprised to learn that the most fundamental task developers face is to take your business goals and create a framework and a system that leads online visitors in the direction of your goals. That’s just the bare basics however, because it involves a lot of conceptualisation, before anything is actually created. 

To achieve a successful outcome, web design companies in Brisbane take this conceptualised framework and then run through a list of tasks to actually create a live website. Some of the more important steps that are required include identifying your target audience, optimising your site for search engines and maximising your conversion rates. 

The list of tasks involved in creating a website goes on and on, but there is one element that underpins everything that we do as developers and if we miss this one concept, we are doing our clients a big disservice. So what makes a website purr like a well-oiled machine?

What’s the one vital thing that needs to be right with your website?

Context. Your website needs context. It needs meaning. If it doesn’t have context and it doesn’t have meaning, it won’t hit the mark. So what do we mean by context and meaning?

Well, without context, you have no meaning, so we need to understand the context first. This means that we need to understand the environment within which your website needs to operate, and we don’t just mean the internet. 

Your website sits like a spider in its web (no pun intended) with links entering from other websites, social media platforms and search engines. There are also links going out to other websites and social media sites. Then there are the websites of your competition and the presence of online shoppers themselves. This is the context within which your website operates and gives meaning to your website.

How your website needs to act within this context is important to the functionality of your website. For example, your website needs to outrank the competition, attract and engage shoppers, and encourage links from other quality websites, including search engines. Your developer then needs to identify your competition, your target audience and the online shoppers who will visit your site, and the websites where you can potentially create inbound links. 

It’s only at this point that web design companies in Brisbane can understand the context and meaning of your site and move on to actually developing your website.

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