Using your website to streamline your business

Any savvy business owner knows the benefits of engaging a local web marketing agency to help grow their business through a professionally developed website. However, many don’t realise that websites can also play a pivotal role in business automations.

There is, of course, an up front and/or ongoing cost to set everything up, but if you’re working closely with your web marketing agency, you’ll get that investment back many times over. Some of the benefits of this approach include increased efficiencies, fewer staff needed, happier customers and new revenue streams. Money saved is money earned!

There are many ways to streamline or automate your business using your website. The following are some simply examples of how a website can play a part in making your business more efficient:

  • Get data from an online form and pass it to your accounting software, CRM, mailing list, and so on
  • Get data from website enquiries and log them in a Google spreadsheet
  • Get registration details from new customers, add them to your mailing list app, and send them a different email each week
  • Synchronise orders between your online store and accounting software
  • Create invoices from online forms
  • Send yourself an email reminder to follow up when a new invoice is sent to your customer
  • Follow up on recent email enquiries automatically
  • Get your employees to fill out online forms on a tablet while on site with customers, and save the information in your website or another system

The possibilities are virtually endless! As one of Logan’s leading web marketing agencies, we have a team of website developers who can help to streamline your business by automating any tedious, repetitive or time consuming tasks, as well as making connections between all of the systems you use in your business. We can help whether the automation happens on your website, or any other systems/apps you use.

If you want to save time and money for your business, it’s well worth exploring business automation options.

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