Setting up your SendGrid account

So that your website can properly send emails, we need to set up a service called SendGrid. This essentially delivers the emails for you, reducing the chance that they’ll go to Junk or Spam.

One of the reasons we use this service is that normally you would have to enter your email password into the website so that emails can be sent from your mailbox. In that situation, if your email password ever changes, emails may stop sending from the website until it’s been updated there to match. This is easy to forget to do, and there won’t be any kind of warning if the email stop sending, so it can cause ongoing problems.

The other major reason is that SendGrid offers a free plan which includes your website sending up to 100 emails per day. So unless you exceed that, there’s no cost for the platform. Here’s more information about their fees.
We therefore ask that you sign up for a SendGrid account, and we can take it from there to connect the service to your website hosting account.

What you need to do

  1. Go to https://sendgrid.com.
  2. Sign up for an account (you can use any email you like).
  3. Complete any email verification steps if prompted.
  4. Provide your SendGrid login details (email address and password).
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