Website support

Keep your website running at its best

If you don’t have the time or skills to keep your website up to date, we can handle everything from software updates, to security, and even the content.

We’re all about providing true value for money, with clear and simple inclusions, but if you’re not sure about anything you see here, drop us a line.

  • Software updates

    Updating your website software to the latest version can help plug security holes.

  • Scheduled backups

    We’ll take full monthly backups of your website, which can be restored any time.

  • Virus scans

    We’ll scan your website’s files and database for suspicious code/activity.

  • Threat management

    Block suspicious activity and prevent hackers from accessing your website.

  • Issue notifications

    Receive instant email notifications if your website goes offline at any time.

  • Support

    Turn to our team of local web developers for any website issues that arise.

  • Speed increases

    We’ll continually optimise your website to make it as fast as possible.

  • Google reports

    Receive reports on your Google ranking, traffic, and other key metrics.

  • Activity reports

    Receive reports on exactly what has been done on your website each month.

Frequently asked questions

Website management

Are your staff based in Australia?

Yes. All GO Creative employees are based in Australia, which means when you reach out to us for support, you’ll always deal with a member of our local team!

Can you summarise the benefits in a nutshell?

Here are some key benefits to having us manage your website:

  • Save yourself time (and therefore money) which you can spend focusing on your business.
  • Get more website traffic from Google.
  • Get more enquiries or sales through your website.
  • Avoid being hacked and losing customer trust.
  • Avoid website downtime.
  • Avoid having spam emails sent to/from your business name.
  • Avoid unexpected fees to fix problems when they arise.
How do you improve website security?

We’ll perform some tests to identify what the current issues are. Normally this will give us a very clear picture on what we can do to make the site more secure. The security tools we use give us a report which we’ll work through to improve your website security as much as possible.

The changes we may implement include:

  • installing an SSL security certificate (fees apply), which encrypts data and makes it more difficult for hackers to intercept information such as website passwords
  • setting up your website with CloudFlare
  • updating your website software and plugins
  • making changes to your website code
  • making changes to your web hosting account configuration
  • locking some of the files on your website, to prevent unauthorised access.
How do you improve website speeds?

We’ll perform some tests to identify what the current issues are. Normally this will give us a very clear picture on what we can do to make the site faster. The performance tools we use give ratings from 1 to 100 across a range of criteria, so we work our way through that list to improve each item as much as possible.

That said, very few (if any) websites would receive more than 80 out of 100 in many criteria, simply because some aspects are beyond control — for example, if there’s some code being loaded from a third party service such as Facebook, only Facebook themselves can adjust that code.

How will your copywriters know our industry?

We’ll be guided by your expertise, so in speaking with you, we’ll get a feel for your business and brand, and start there. We also undertake market research to better understand some of the specifics of your industry. But if we’re still not quite sure, we’ll come back to you with any questions.

Some of the industries we’ve covered include funeral homes, cheese production, shipping/cargo, mechanics, hair salons, nutrition, jewellery, manufacturing, logistics, removalists, childcare, landscaping — and just about everything in between.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via:

  • bank transfer
  • credit card (online only)
  • PayPal

Payments made by credit card or PayPal incur a 3% surcharge.

What types of articles do you write?

Most articles will focus on a particular aspect of your business, such as your products or services. Others will be primarily about your business itself, such as how long you’ve been operating, number of staff, summary of services, and so on. And the remainder of articles will focus on a niche topic which allows us to include specific keywords (phrases).

The intention with all articles is to provide useful information to customers, while also incorporating a number of the keywords we’re targeting in your service. This will help build your website traffic, and convert visitors into enquiries or sales.

Why can’t we manage our own website?

You can if you like — but do you have the time or skills? Your website will likely have at least 15-20 different software components (called plugins) installed. Most of these will be created by third-party developers, so there’s a risk that updating these will “break” something on your site. This is especially true if your plugins are multiple versions out of date. With our management packages, we thoroughly research and test all plugin changes before updating.


Web development company & website management Brisbane (Shailer Park)

The team at GO Creative can not only design you the perfect website for your business, but we can also look after it for you, updating content, software and plugins, ensuring ongoing security and helping you to grow and expand your business.

If you are in the market for a web development company or website management Brisbane, call us today for a free quote.