6 things to consider when changing hosting providers

One of the most important steps in corporate website design is finding the right hosting company, because this can make a huge difference to the success of your website. If you have already engaged the help of professional corporate web design services for your new website, you will need to ask them if they offer hosting services themselves or can they recommend a hosting service for your website?

To be honest, one of the best decisions you can make for your company is to actually engage a website management team in Brisbane, because they can organise your website’s hosting and deal with any IT problems that might occur in the future.

Many corporate web design services also offer hosting and website management services as well, giving you only one firm to deal with when something goes wrong. If you are investigating corporate web design services or hosting companies at the moment, here are a few thoughts to consider, before making your final decision.

  1. Costs: What are the hosting company’s upfront and ongoing costs? Cost is not always reflective of value, so whilst it is important, don’t just hinge your decision on cost alone.
  2. Passwords: Before another hosting company can take over hosting your website, they will need all of the passwords to access your website. These include more than just your WordPress passwords, so you will need to obtain these passwords from the corporate web design services who built your site.
  3. Location of servers: If your customers are in Australia, then you need an Australian server, as this improves the loading times of your website; unfortunately not all hosting companies offer Australian servers.
  4. Support: When something goes wrong you need customer support fast, making access to technical help an important consideration when selecting hosting companies. This is where a company that specialises in website management and technical support can be invaluable — especially if their support staff are based in Australia.
  5. Speed: You want your website loaded on fast servers, because this improves the speed of your website. Older servers can be very slow, resulting in lost customers and lower conversions.
  6. Trust: You don’t want a fly-by-night overseas hosting company with no experience, instead you want a company that has been around for many years with a good reputation in the industry.

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