How to create WooCommerce custom product pages that convert

WooCommerce has been a popular WordPress plugin since its launch 9 years ago thanks to its simplicity in use and ease of scalability for online businesses, e-stores and digital merchants. While many of these sites are wildly successful, many users struggle due the fact that they neglect one of the most important aspects of their online business site: the WooCommerce custom product page.

While it can be overwhelming at first trying to set up your product pages (though you could get us to create your online store for you hassle-free) there are a few simple tricks to improving both the quality and function of your product pages.

WooCommerce custom product pages create success

The internet is full of great (and plenty of not so great) advice about how to increase traffic to your WooCommerce and online store. Some of the advice out there is even tailored toward increasing performance of your actual website. Few of them, though, offer focused, proven and quality recommendations for increasing your rate of conversion.

In other words, once users visit your website, do they then leave or do they actually make a purchase? Your business success depends on the number of products sold; increasing your conversion rate means increasing your sales.

Custom product pages should be designed and optimised around ensuring that the right customers find your site and then actually make a purchase. Almost 9 out of every 10 online shoppers will conduct some sort of online research before making an actual purchase. If your product page does not clearly sell your offering, communicate your message and entice them to choose your product, you’re going to lose them at the point of sale.

How do you go about creating a better product page for your WooCommerce site? Here are a number of tips, tactics and strategies to help you sell more.

WordPress page builders

Using a page builder built into the WordPress plug in is an easy way to improve the quality of your product page. You don’t need a PhD in website design to intuitively grasp the various drag and drop functionalities that WooCommerce provides, allowing you to create a functional, visually appealing page. The exact content is completely customisable too. You can choose where to place the text, headers, titles and prices. Move your product image around, include user ratings or utilise various up- or cross-selling options.

There’s plenty of opportunity to still customise your page, but by using a page builder you’ll be drawing on the enormous amount of research and development by WordPress in the eCommerce industry. More importantly, it gives you a chance to add elements and functions to your page and experience it all as a customer would. Your customer’s experience is vital in determining whether they actually make a purchase or not, so you need to be able access their perspective when viewing your site.

One last benefit to page builders is that it improves the efficiency of building your custom product page in terms of both time, energy and effort.

Product descriptions

Potential customers are going to be landing on your product page unsure what exactly your product is, what it offers and if it’s right for them. Your product descriptions are invaluable in ensuring the shopper is able to find out everything they need to know about the item in question. Clear but comprehensive, thorough but not overwhelming, the right copy can ensure your sales lead gets over the buying line while unclear or ineffective content can deter a page visitor. Take care when writing your product descriptions or get an expert to do it for you.

Your product descriptions should also be search engine optimised (SEO). This means that Google and other search engines easily recognise your product page as a high quality landing page that is relevant for a particular user’s search. The search engine is then more likely to suggest your site towards the top of the list of search results. By ensuring you use the right keywords naturally throughout your product descriptions you can improve your page’s visibility in search engines, bringing more traffic to your website.

 Here are some methods for achieving this:

  • Use commonly searched terms and phrases related to your product.
  • Clearly highlight the benefits and special features of your product.
  • Use direct and easily understood language when writing your content.
  • Don’t turn your product descriptions into a list of keywords; focus on making them enticing to prospective buyers.

There are a lot of programs and plugins available for SEO content writing or you could engage a team of digital marketers to create a thorough SEO strategy for you.

Use quality images

While the product description may be one form of advertising on your product page, the product images you use is something entirely else. As the famous saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words.” When it comes to WooCommerce product pages, a high quality, well chosen picture says a million words.

Your product image is the clearest way to communicate to your buyer exactly what you’re selling. They’re likely to judge your product immediately based on the image, regardless of whether it’s fairly indicative or not. 

To ensure that your image makes a positive impression:

  • Only use high quality images that really highlight the look, design and features of your product
  • Use images with a plain and bright background behind your product so the focus is on the product itself
  • Include close-ups where possible to help potential buyers zoom in on the specific areas or details that interest them
  • Engage in correct lighting so that the product is easy to see and the image is crisp and clear
  • Show your product from different angles so that the online shopper can simulate seeing the product in an actual shop and engage in looking at it

Utilise conversion tactics

The most successful WooCommerce product pages use conversion tactics to encourage quicker and easier purchasing decisions. The smoother the entire process of online shopping on your site is, the more likely the sales conversion will take place. This is often referred to as user experience or UX. If your product page does not function optimally and make using it easy, you’re likely to lose customers before the checkout.

Here are some easy improvements you can make:

  • Add To Cart – make sure this button is bright, central, large and easy to use.
  • Offer a single click buying button if possible
  • Make it easy to customise the quantity of an item being ordered
  • Offer as much customsiability in terms of style, colour, variety and size as suits your specific product

Always think about your user’s experience: what would make it easier or more enticing for them? WooCommerce site themes often include these sorts of considerations but if you want to truly stand out consider getting professional support.


Creating a WooCommerce website with custom product pages is one thing: creating a site and product pages that actually convert and make sales is something entirely else! We hope the techniques and tips we’ve outlined help you on your journey towards setting up your own successful WooCommerce custom product page.

If you want more help, advice or support in creating the perfect website for you, check out our services or get in touch with the GO Creative team today.

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