Save time and money with Capital IT Solutions

With all of the advances in technology, it can be very time consuming and expensive to manage all of your IT needs in-house. Working with our IT partner, Capital IT Solutions, on a daily basis, we can appreciate how much easier it is for professionals to help with your IT needs, saving you both time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

So let’s take a look at why hiring a local IT management team is just as important to your business as hiring a Brisbane web development team to manage your website.

  • No more compatibility issues: Most businesses use a variety of software, not giving much thought to their compatibility. More often than not, one program, application or upgrade isn’t compatible with another and you end up in strife. Just as a Brisbane web design company helps to keep your website running smoothly, an IT management team ensures that all of your software is compatible, as well as keeping it all updated.
  • Shared storage locations: Teamwork is more often than not, essential to the success of your business and an IT management company can set up cloud storage solutions that are accessible by multiple users. This helps to keep all versions of your files up to date, because everyone has access to the same files.
  • Hot desking: Using cloud based apps and software, means that anyone in your employ can access any of your apps, software or files from their desk or from any other desk. Hot desks help your employees to engage and interact with one another, and also enhances in-house presentations and working lunches. Many website developers in Brisbane use hot desks in their studios, as it promotes teamwork and provides a flexible workspace.
  • Bulk hardware discounts: Purchasing software can become quite expensive for a small company. An IT company however, who specialises in IT management will have built a network of contacts in the industry and will be able to offer their clients the benefit of bulk discounts. Depending on the type of software and applications you require, your savings can be quite substantial.
  • Backups and emergency recovery: Backups are essential, because if your system crashes or your emails are hacked, you can suffer significant losses. An IT management firm will have your backups ready to go and your emergency recovery procedures in place to help you avert certain disaster.

If you need a hand with your IT services, we highly recommend the team at Capital IT Solutions.

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