Tips on maintaining your brand new WordPress website

You’ve hired a WordPress web development company and your brand new website is now live… but how do you keep it looking awesome and humming along like a brand new luxury car?

Well, the analogy with a new car is quite apt, because just as your car needs regular services to keep it safe on the roads, your new website also needs regular maintenance. This is why we offer professional website and SEO services to our clients, as well as website management, so our customers can leave all of the SEO and the maintenance of their websites to us.

If you don’t have a website design and management company on board yet, and you’ve got a new WordPress website to look after, there are specific tasks you need to complete weekly, monthly and annually to keep your website secure, fast, and functional.

If you ignore these tasks, the security of your WordPress website can be compromised and you could get hacked. The appearance of your site could also be in jeopardy and some of its functionality may no longer work. So these are not tasks that can be ignored – which is why if you don’t have the time to perform all of these tasks yourself, it pays to hire a website design and management team to do it all for you.

Weekly maintenance tasks

You will need to keep your theme and plugins updated. The problem with updating these yourself is that the new updates can clash, causing your site to crash. So unless you have a website design and management team who can assess the new updates, before they go live, you will have to cross your fingers and hope that all goes well.

Also, you should check your security log to make sure that there are no unauthorized entries or malware events, and make sure that your backups are all in order. Google Analytics is also another area to check – unless you have engaged a company that specialises in website and SEO services.

Monthly maintenance tasks

Always test your contact forms each month to make sure that they are working as required, and check the 404 error log and the index logs to make sure that Google is finding all of your pages and posts.

Annual maintenance tasks

Every year, read through your entire website and make sure that all of the copy and images still reflect the goals and messages of your business.

If you don’t have time for all of these maintenance tasks, you can always call us at GO Creative and hire our website design and management team or our SEO services team to take care of it for you. Why not get an instant quote online?

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