How to improve your ecommerce conversion rate

Ecommerce conversion rate optimisation

Customer acquisition methods and conversion rates are integral revenue generation factors for all businesses. It’s especially important for ecommerce websites.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your ecommerce website who actually turn into paying customers or clients. If this rate isn’t optimised (improved) using some simple yet effective methods you’ll be running on fumes until your business runs out of steam!

Luckily for you, with GO Creative as a partner for your online store, selling on the web has never been so easy! So, how do we optimise the conversion rates of our customers’ ecommerce websites? Well, before we dive into our methods, let’s ask a simple question.

Do conversion rates matter?

The short answer is “yes of course”! But the long answer is probably more helpful, and we’ve broken it down into two major components.


Your ecommerce website and platform is an investment, much like any business’ expenditure. The return on the investment (ROI) is dependent on the number of conversions, i.e. sales, your website brings in. The more optimised your website to actually convert leads the higher your return on investment will be and the greater your revenue.


Optimised conversion rates also improve your ability to re-market your services and products to past customers. Mining this highly valuable target audience will allow you to make the most of the cost per acquisition of a customer and will increase the lifetime value of a customer. Think less effort in the future for making more sales!

Methods for increasing the rate of conversion on your website

There is no red button to push and simply optimise your conversion rate… unfortunately. But there are some common features your ecommerce website should have to best position it for converting visitors online.

Sales proposition

You’d be surprised to know how few ecommerce websites focus on providing a strong and effective value proposition to their visitors. Make sure your site clearly explains why they should buy from you!

Fast load times

We all do it: if a website doesn’t load quickly, we simply cut our losses and leave in search of a competitor’s website. Page loading time is essential in the fast paced online commercial market, and especially since 2021 when Google made speed a more critical ranking factor than ever before.

Intuitive navigation

The more products you sell, the more important it is to ensure your website visitors’ user experience is top notch. Quick, easy and intuitive navigation to your different product pages and subpages is a must. Add in filtering options and prominent, fast search features, and you’re on the right track.

A guide to improving your conversion rate

1. Understand your conversion rate goal

In order to understand how to improve your conversion rate you need as much information as possible related to how many visitors your website gets, what the actual rate of conversion is and what the industry benchmark you need to be aiming for is. Most ecommerce platforms offer a number of features for gathering this data. Google Analytics is just one helpful tool for monitoring and understanding your conversion rate online. Of course, the GO Creative team are also experts in running comprehensive site audits to help you as well.

2. Keep your website user-friendly

Even with the best products on the market, an ecommerce website that isn’t user friendly isn’t going to convert anyone. The customer service experience on an ecommerce platform amounts to the visitor’s ability to engage and get from browsing to checkout easily and hassle-free. There are a number of tools that you can use to check the usability of your website.

Click rates, that is the number of clicks your website or a specific page gets, visit duration and even bounce rate (the rate at which visitors immediately leave) are all simple yet informative indications of how user-friendly your website is. Again, Google Analytics is an excellent tool for understanding all of this information and more.

Fixing a website’s usability can be simple or complicated depending on the particulars of the situation. Get in touch with our team today if you’d like our experts to take a look at fixing your website for you.

3. Focus on earning your customer’s trust

Ecommerce websites have evolved in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. What will differentiate you from your competitors and result in optimised lead conversions is your ability to instil trust in your website visitor. As in face-to-face sales, trust is an integral component of the selling process.

Make sure your website removes as many of the objections to making a purchase as possible. Outline the benefits of your products or offers, detail guarantees and warranties, and lean into your value proposition. Including information about after-sales service and even posting reviews and past customer testimonials can make all the difference.

4. Content is king

The phrase “content is king” might be a bit of a cliche but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of truth to it. The copy you include on your product pages throughout your ecommerce site should effectively sell your products by drawing on the emotional and cognitive biases of your customers.

Active, persuasive language also performs better than passive language that doesn’t activate the emotional fear of losing out on a good deal or settling for a subpar alternative product. Bland and generic copy that isn’t aimed at your specific target audience will go right over the heads of your sales leads. There are numerous programs and plugins to help you both create and test your content, but if you’re able to rely on the experts, such as GO Creative’s copywriting team, so much the better!

Choosing GO Creative as your ecommerce partner

Ecommerce conversion rate optimisation is a bit of a cross between an art and science. That’s why more and more companies throughout Queensland and beyond are turning to our team for their ecommerce and website solutions.

We don’t just offer digital marketing and website services to improve your conversion rate; we’ll help you develop a comprehensive understanding of everything from your cost power lead to your returning customer rate.

We’ll do a lot more than simply get more eyeballs onto your website. We believe in partnering with our customers to ensure their custom website performs in the best way possible to propel their business on to greater success.

Want to find out more without the commitment? Why don’t you contact us for a completely free and no obligation email quote for your tailored website solution?

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